Looking at the 10-Year Win Percentages of the Big 12

I like how they’re the ones that are stupid even though you were the one that was wrong. Talk about some deep delusion. No, I wasn’t doom and glooming after one game, you histrionic doofus.

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For reference, this is the sane take I had:

And guess what? We were playing better by conference play.

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They are afraid to answer the question because Gundy can’t win the conference. It’s that simple.

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I have no problem answer this or any of joy silly questions. First 6 months ago you 2 yahoos were on about title games, not titles. We showed you that we have been 2nd 4 times, which at the time fit joy requirements of ever 4 years. But, then you guys expanded it to title games and big6.
No one has ever said gunfy has had a dominant team. We have to have luck and everything going our way.

Jug before you say it. This is not an excuse it’s reality.

Why is leach joy hero and in 20 years hasn’t sniffed a title. But that’s OK.

Why don’t you go explain to @jake4 that it’s reality that Gundy can’t win the conference.

You claim "we have to have luck and everything go our way. " Isn’t it funny how Aranda had luck and everything go his way when he had his starting qb go down. I hope we have that kind of luck as often as Sanders gets hurt. I guess we’ll see if it’s luck or coaching. Remind me, wasn’t their backup a redshirt freshman? What will Gunner be? Seems like the excuse should be hard to come by for Gundy not to win the conference this next season.

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You don’t have to lie. I’m not going to blame you for having the same thoughts.

I’ve said I just wish we could win a title more than once every 10 years. I can give Gundy credit for making a title game, and I have no problem with that. If we’re going to claim to be the 2nd best team in the Big 12 then let’s at least prove we can win more than one conference title in 17 seasons🤷‍♂️.

That just tells me you aren’t as confident in Gundy as you claim to be. Why do we need luck, but Baylor doesn’t?

Baylor had a lot of luck. If you can’t see that’s your tunnel vision. I can’t remember which sports guy address the issue. If we hadn’t had injuries. That part of the game but is unlucky.
The isu game was lucky for Baylor.

You act like Bohannon was a world beater. He isn’t even on the team now. Shapen wasn’t throwing difficult passes. Been nice if we fixed the defense before half.

Idu had the same time from 2020 to 2021. Were they good and bad

Would’ve been nice to fix the offense for the rest of the season before the bowl game.

I’m confident in gundy all the way. If you dnt know the difference between a good team and a dominate one you need to learn more.

Blah blah blah

That comment means you know it was a problem the entire year. The defense wasn’t the last unit on the field in both the losses we had. How many chances does the defense have to give them before they can figure their chit out?

No it’s you being told why a 1000 times but still think it’s a talking point. You have unrealistic views. Know one can get you to come in out of the rain or prove the earth is not flat.

I quoted myself, numbnuts.

His starting QB that is leaving the program because he’s getting replaced by the backup.

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How did the Shapen do in the bowl game? I’m assuming since you think he dominated Bohannon surely he out played Bohannon in the bowl.

The were real conservative with both their qb. They say he allows them more up side, and will open it up. We will see how it works out soon.

It might have been luck if Baylor stopped them the last 2 or 3 downs on the goal line but when OSU runs 15 plays inside Baylor’s 10 yard line, it’s not luck on Baylor’s side, it’s coaching and a lack of creativity on OSU’S offense.

Why didn’t Shapen play in their bowl? Your narrative doesn’t hold water when Bohannon played in the bowl and won.

I know you think gundy is the only one that plays more experienced players.

Not sure if you know anything about football. Shapen got another year. Their reDy to start molding the offense around him at the start of the year.

I know you think a good defense is just say things dnt fit. I would think twice if I respected and thought you knew anything.