Malcolm Rodriguez Again Featured in HBO's "Hard Knocks" Show

Originally published at: Malcolm Rodriguez Again Featured in HBO's "Hard Knocks" Show | Pistols Firing

The former OSU star continues to be a major character in the show.

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Joy his he going to wear a mullet.

Yes were find out alot of are guys given a chance are nfl guys

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To us true oSu fans this is nothing new. We know he is undersized but has the talent to overcome his size. There is no doubt he will be playing a lot of football before it’s over. I wish him the best, and yes he was one of the best steals of the draft.


He’ll be Zach Thomas 2.0.


It’s his fundamentals and intellect that are going to get him on the field despite his size. Happy for the dude. Hope he gets to start for them one day.


He will be a starter soon…


All learned rite in stillwater oklahoma under gundy


Just watched the episode. He may be undersized but he is standing everyone he hits straight up and over backward. Dude is got the power and the smarts. Also they are also always bringing up his wrestling background but I don’t think anyone has a clue as to the advantage that gives him as very few people have a clue about folkstyle wrestling


More like Knowles. Gundy doesn’t coach defense and even admitted so.

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Lol knowles didnt recruit him. Did coach him. Knowles was surrounded by great position coaches.

Look i think all osu think Knowles had a great scheme.

But, ur asking us to believe he walked on water. Only gundy does that silly rabbit

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What does it matter if he didn’t recruit him? He was a three star recruit anyway, and didn’t originally play the LB position when he first started at OSU. He was never a true cover safety. It’s just a testament to Knowles and his staff being experts at evaluating their players and figuring out the best position and fit for them.

You’re asking me to believe a coach with one conference title and three rivalry victories in 17 years should walk on water. Why the hell would I do that? Why would I not praise a coach that was only here 4 years and gave us the best defense we ever had?

Who wants to share an HBO password with me?

You know the guy how had the best defense his last year had the worst his first year. Dnt give me your song and dance about this and that first year jitters. Gundy was in his face explian how he need to change.

Yea under normal years Malcom would have been lost in time as a great back up. Covid help knowles look good.

I glad knowles is gone. Same with dana how chicken skipped his way out of wv, when he knew he didnt recruit. No one thinks georgia ’ offense was any good.
So your best coaches arent world beaters

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I’m excited for Rodrigo. Detroit is going to cut some veteran to make sure he is on the team. Heck he might start.

There’s a lot of talent in football that exists between the ears, closing the gap between players with physical gifts.

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Yea in the last episode the D coach was chiding the linebacker room to F’n step it up because he didn’t want to have to assign a rookie (Rodigo) to the 1’s.


Knowles was developing talent for three to four years just like any other coach (including Gundy) does. So why is that okay for Gundy, and not for Knowles? Stop being such a hypocrite. We all know you have a boner for the mullet, but you’re making it obvious that your thoughts and concepts of Gundy are more geared towards likeness rather than logic.

Without Dana a championship caliber offense isn’t created for Gundy to win a conference title the next season. Without Knowles Gundy finds himself at best 3rd in the conference instead of playing for a conference title. Do you ever think, or do you just blabber? Georgia is also national champions as well.

He’s special. He is showing the Cowboy way. Especially with that dirty pistol ball cap on!!!

And then Barry in the same episode!!!

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No one speaks about monkens offense as natty worthy. If you carry on with that bs.

Dana is as good as your other hero leach. They both have never been part of any title.

Joy you can stick up for knowles all you want. Its really weird how you love this guys that stay a couple of years.

Get off dana out of all the jokers you love he has done the least.

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Georgia was ranked 26th in total offense while OSU was ranked 55th in total offense for 2021. Yet, you still praise Gundy (and Dunn) for an offense that couldn’t make the top 50. Also, Georgia ranked 2nd in total defense while OSU ranked 5th. Georgia proved you don’t need an elite offense to win championships. You just need some confident coaching.

It’s really weird how you’re obsessed with a coach that markets his hair more than his own logo.