Malcolm Rodriguez Again Featured in HBO's "Hard Knocks" Show

Its funny when i point out the lack of titles by dana and leach you go to Gundy’s hair.

Maybe if monken wouldnt of bypassed a 4 star qb for a 2 star walkon. His offense would be good.

I will spell it out for you. I know your not smart enough to understand. These jab i do to you is pointing out your hypocrisy.

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Tell me how many billionaire donors have given money to Leach and Holgerson to improve their football programs?

26th isn’t too bad. It’s definitely better than 55th.

It’s “you’re” dumbace. Stop embarrassing yourself.

Joy, snyder never needed billionaire. Did briles.
Come joy, your killing me.

Nice when you have nothing, make a deal about English. You do it everytime gurl.

Stop crying

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Snyder went to a place at the time that was historically worse than OSU. If you’re good with two conference titles in 27 years then so be it. I’m not content with that.

I have plenty. I just think it’s hilarious that you’re saying I’m not smart enough to understand while getting your grammar incorrect. Do you understand that?

Joy stop. Running you cant have it both ways. I know your stupid and you really don’t understand. If snyder can do it. Why cant leach or dana. Stop running in circles your tail has pooh on it.

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You mean like saying Gundy is great and Knowles sucks? Even though the defense was the primary reason that got Gundy to the conference title game?

Snyder is considered by some to be one of the greatest coaches in college football history. Also, to be fair here, Snyder went 5-7 his last season (beating Gundy btw). How long have Dana or Leach been at their schools? Have they spent 28 seasons there yet?

When i talk to you i can talk about knowles all the way i want. I think first of all you give to much credi to knowles. Players and the other coaches is a bigger factor
Dude leach has been coaching over 20 years so dnt go there

Wasn’t any doubt in my mind that whoever drafted Malcom was getting an absolute steal. Kid uses his wrestling knowledge plus his football technique, knowledge to be in most every play. I started watching him only on D , he was in every play. Steal of the draft !!
Go Pokes :cowboy_hat_face:


Agree. I remember Knowles’ reaction when he first saw Malcolm’s body and Knowles’ kind of had a worrisome grimace about what he had inherited. A couple of weeks on the practice field and he knew what he had and was delighted. There are many great athletes in football. Some are great players as well. I hope Rodrigo can continue to perform well. He might be a marked man in the LB drills in Detroit. I think he can handle the pressure.


How long has he been at one school? And does that school have a billionaire donor?

Another English word you dnt understand. Excuses. You blame us that injuries or cant out recruit uo as excuses.
No there real every day football things. You sticking up for leach is a Excuse magnet. You just suck them in.

How long does it take a guy to win a title. Leach came into tech on a 7 year non losing streak. So he had a base.
They were putting money into the program. He was there 10 years. Come on joy. That alone is everything you need in the big 12. I know abunch of coach have atleast title games in the big 12. Then he goes and has another 10 years at wassu.

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Your excuses aren’t facts Roberto.

I’ve already told you that OSU invested a hell of a lot more money into their football program while Leach was still at Tech. All Tech did while he was there was upgrade their stadium some and they ended up canceling another multi-million dollar project as well.

Things like injuries are a fact off the game. While leach was at tech gundy fat man at ku synder and the Mizzou coach had better years the leach did. None came in to progarms with a 7 year winning streak. Keep making your excuses. Small lil gurl you are

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Are you jealous that Leach knows how to run an offense?

I see you have run out of option. Im pointing out why leach is a loser and your try to play that card. Im the one that doesnt want leach. Your the one jealous of gundy and the mullet.

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Just remember that Gundy’s only conference title came from an offense Leach helped implement in college football.

Your barking up the wrong tree. Dana was at best a play caller. Recruiter no coach no. New idea guy no

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That money just caught us up with everyone else you moron !! How long did we play in a dilapidated rustoleum stadium… we had never made football a priority. Boone gave the big bucks to catch up and be even a little better.
Leach was winning games with Crabtree but never was he “killing” it … he never won the conference. Leach was killing it you say but Gundy is just winning, I get it :joy:

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And Gundy made sure to chit all over it with his chitty recruiting and chitty “playing not to lose” strategies.

All I’ve ever said is Leach beat OU more times and knew offense better. Those are just facts. Then again you’re too stupid to even understand those.

Yea he knew how teams would out score him.

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