Malcolm Rodriguez Again Featured in HBO's "Hard Knocks" Show

If they have to score in the fifty’s and sixty’s to beat him he must be doing something right offensively then.

Your definitely a half glass empty guy. You brian is completely empty. Everybody had a great offense and knew wjat they were doing against leach

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So he beat uo , how many times joy twice ? You get all goo goo over a coach that’s been in coaching 30 years, yet never won a conference championship… much less Les gives you a woody…. Leach was always a class act too :roll_eyes: …. Joy we are trying to teach you something but you already know everything. You are just too stupid to realize it. , Gundy will be here till he’s ready to leave. Another item you are too stupid to understand

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Three times. Did it in half the time that Gundy did.

I’m fairly certain if Leach were coaching at OSU with a billionaire alum to help make his program better he would have more than one conference title in 17 years, and most likely wouldn’t be 3-14 against UO. You guys seems to forget it was Gundy that had to steal a dude from the Leach coaching tree to give him an offense good enough to win the Big 12.

Since I already know everything there isn’t any reason for you to teach me. Next time you need help with plays and formations let me know since you didn’t understand it the first time.

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Gundy stole Holgerson ?? :joy: I think he was hired. Dana refined Leach’s offense too plus had the best receiver and our best qb ever. Both low star recruits , Weeden was actually a walk on. Don’t give me the Boone money automatically made us top tier football. I’ve told you a hundred times it just brought us up with everyone else
No one can put up with Leach for long

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That same walk on you talk about was behind Alex Cate on the depth chart, and it wasn’t Holgerson that put him there. Yours truly made that decision.

Who the hell said we’re a top tier football program right now? That ship has already sailed with Gundy screwing around for 10 years. Usually top tier football programs (and coaches) have more than one conference title.

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That would be one title not once title

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Weren’t you the one arguing with me a few days ago this isn’t an spelling and grammar contest? And that you didn’t care?

I only do it because to help you. I know its important to you. And i get a chuckle every day looking at your grammar.:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::scream::scream::scream::scream::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

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Joy do you automatically think a big upgrade in facilities makes kids want to come ? Hilarious
We have never been where we are now, you know it takes time to overcome 80 years of tradition and cheating…. Keep moaning and crying about Holgerson and whoever you drag out to compare to. You need help joy , your ADD is making you more stupid than normal

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You chuckle because I’m consistent on doing it the correct way? Sounds like jealousy.


It helps. Not even trying to go after better players doesn’t. Even Gundy said a while back they don’t try too hard to go after them.

Didn’t seem to take Rhule or Aranda too long to change Baylor’s direction.

Since they had a brand new stadium. It wasnt a paint job.

You talk about facilities but you never think about others schools. Baylor’s stadium is still only 8 years old. Were you dropped on your head or born this way. You deny leach had any up grade on a new stadium. Baylor and tcu are in 200 year old stadiums. Snyder won with out facilities. And now they report nil will over ride facilities. So your just crying again.

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You were dropped on your head joy, if my memory is right Baylor had a few good years, even a conference championship and 2-3 runner ups under Teaff … was there 20 years or so you idiot.
Wasn’t that long ago either. We had never had that except the split championship. Go help jug, you two both need a scoop shovel…

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McLane stadium cost $266 million. OSU to date has spent $323 million on renovations for BPS. Which means even before the approval of $40 million this last spring for upgrades we spent $17 million more on BPS than Baylor did for McLane stadium.

“The modifications to the stadium structure mark the first major renovations to the venue in more than a decade. The west end zone of Boone Pickens Stadium was completed in 2009 at a cost of approximately $180 million. The stadium previously saw the addition of a $47 million south-side structure in 2004, and a complimentary structure on the north side of the stadium was completed in 2006 at a cost of $56 million.”

You need to stop making excuses. Especially when they’re not good ones.

I didn’t deny Leach had any upgrades. They had one while he was coaching there and canceled the other plans for more. You want to blame everyone on NIL. What the hell were we doing over the last 10 years then? Stop lying and stop making excuses.

The nil is a real deal. I have no idea what your trying to pull. Its been said that nil will play a bigger then facilities.

You always go on about the stadiums. Why would a kid care about the stadium. If its packed on Saturday, i guess. They worry about the workout. Practice and locker room. Maclean is a nice stadium. Im surprised you did talk about how small it is.

The 40 million is alot of paint.

Lets put it this way if a guy pays you 10 dollars more an hour to drive your trash truck do you care if its only got am radio.

You still making excuses for leach.

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That’s not the point. I’m asking you why we wasted 10 years before NIL? Stop avoiding the question.

As long as I have a a blue tooth speaker to put in it I’ll be good. That’s what I’m trying to point out here. You focus on the strong selling points of the program and what you’ll be given for the next four years. If we would have more conference titles and a better rivalry record we would’ve been getting better players before NIL even entered the picture.

Like everyone else knows osu didnt do well the 100 years before gundy.

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There shouldn’t be any excuses now with all the “winning” we’ve been doing, right?