Malcolm Rodriguez, Jaylen Warren Among Five Rookies to Make 53-Man Rosters on NFL Cut Day

Originally published at: Malcolm Rodriguez, Jaylen Warren Among Five Rookies to Make 53-Man Rosters on NFL Cut Day | Pistols Firing

More former Pokes are headed to the League.

Well joy i mite not been rite about the higher ups of nfl drafting sills, better i was rite he was good enough to play in the nfl.

Great for all the guy i was surprised about are dt didnt make it.


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Yeah, I would’ve bet on Antwine making it ahead of Sills. Shows what I know…not much. Haha!


I was in that camp to. There is a need factor. Antwine may get on where they need a guy

17 pokes made rosters

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Antwine should’ve stayed another year.

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My gosh all of those trash 3 stars making a livin, while arm chair coaches ( supppsed fans) constantly shitt on them. It’s beautiful

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The three star recruit pool is larger than any other star rating pool in the country. That’s why you have more in the NFL. If you look at it from a percentage basis more 4 and 5 star recruits get drafted than 3 star recruits. You can hold my beer again.

What does that have to do with what Gundy has done?

Lol this is funny

Best pair of LBers in college last year and it showed If they were at a BB , second round for them

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I see the arm chair coach was deflecting and ignored me about sills.


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The point is nobody shitts on them for making a living. We shitt on Gundy because his recruiting mostly sucks. There’s no reason for a top 25 program despite geographical location to go more than 10 years without a top 25 recruiting class.

I’ve never said that any of the people he recruits won’t get drafted or become a better player. My point is that percentage wise if he gets higher recruiting classes and develops them in the same manner his chances of winning another conference title and getting more players drafted increases.

Your problem is that you think his coaching is going to get us there when he’s 0-2 in conference championship opportunities even when OU is eliminated from the picture. It’s been proven before that talent can sometimes save the day when coaching errors occur. Most of the guys that Gundy gets to the NFL either end up not lasting long or become career backups.

You can keep the Cowboy culture if you want, but I would like to see us desire championship culture instead.

Sills didn’t get drafted. You were still wrong. We’ll see how long he lasts.

He is already official a nfl player. Thats what you want. You crying and hiding behide the word draft is a joke.

Lets put it this way. Phily is the no 1 line if he does make it there he can go some where else

It’s not me hiding behind the word draft. It’s you doubling down on the draft and trying not to make a big deal about it because you were wrong. Instead of admitting you made a mistake (like I will do) you can’t help but make excuses (even if they are whacked out ones) just because you’re so desperate to prove that you can one-up someone. It’s quite hypocritical to go around and tell everyone else how wrong they are when you’ve been wrong on several occasions and even lied about us being top 10 in the coaches poll in 2016.

It’s obvious he didn’t do well enough at the combine to be considered worthy of a draft pick. Responsible NFL scouts and coaches don’t waste their investment of time and money on a player they know they can probably pick up in free agency and get on the cheap.

If he doesn’t work out it’s a minimal to no loss for them. Leaving them some wiggle room to bargain with other teams on the trade block and control their salary cap. Sorry if I trust their opinions and observations more than I do you.

To long didnt read it. Sills is in the nfl. Im glad your happy he wasnt darfted. You are more worried about other schools getting drafted players.

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I’m glad he’s on a roster. You just don’t want to read it because it makes you accountable for your excuses.

What are you talking about the 32 nfl ceo were not me idiot

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You should probably read it first to get what I’m talking about instead of just blatantly saying “too long, didn’t read it”. It just shows me how lazy you’re going to be (or currently are). Then you expect me to believe what you say?

Joy you need to tell me jow great iam. The reason to be draft is to get the 7 guys or want. Free agents is to make sure they didnt screw up. Its all anoit playing in the nfl. Like i said before its not im wrong 32 ceos were.

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