Mike Gundy Addresses Cale Gundy’s Resignation, Brothers ‘Haven’t Talked’ about Cale Joining OSU's Staff

Originally published at: Mike Gundy Addresses Cale Gundy’s Resignation, Brothers ‘Haven’t Talked’ about Cale Joining OSU's Staff | Pistols Firing

Cale Gundy going from OU to OSU hasn’t been discussed.

We cant have another gundy dropping the n bomb around

He’s not going anywhere until the off season if he wants to continue coaching.

What?!?!?! I thought it was “just a word”?!?!

I’ll refresh your memory

“This word means a lot of hurt to alot of people. These people are my age or old. Not a 20 year old. Its just a word.”

I don’t think Cale would be the right fit for OSU. He’s a sooner: sooner born and sooner bred…. I just don’t see him changing school colors and being “all in” in Stillwater. My guess is that he ends up at a Texas A&M, Florida St, USC?, then again Mike Stoops went on to be an analyst at Alabama and is now DC at Florida Atlantic? So maybe he goes to a smaller school.

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Sarcasm go away

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Not sure what you are saying here but when I grew up I was taught that words didn’t matter, The only thing that mattered is If someone came at you with physical attacks and then you responded. I had a lot of Indian and black friends back in the day and they all were of the same mind. Of course it helped that we were all jocks, football and wrestling lol

Gary Gibbs? Kenny G? Bob Barry Sr? Any of those names ring a bell?

That word matters. If you don’t believe me……go try using it in a WR room where 99% of the guys are African-American.

Stoops kid counts for just 1%.

Yes bob barry is some one were glad you have.

Are you still on that word matters. Get over it. Mike is going to write a whole chapter about the word.

Ask your self something. Simmons plays told the world that gundy said the word. No osu player heard it.

But does it matter. Simmions hired and spent alot of time with mike recuriting gettibg yo know oklahoma.
So did mike say the word and it didnt matter to simmons or his players lied.

First of all not condoning the use of slurs against anyone. Also not saying you shouldn’t challenge someone making those types of remarks. However the truth is words directed toward you only matter if you let them.

Gary Gibbs is an analyst who does not recruit or coach for Oklahoma State.
Bob Barry, was in broadcasting, and does not recruit or coach for Oklahoma St.
Kenny G is jazz musician, who does not recruit or coach for Oklahoma State ( just kidding)
The first two are terrible examples regarding this situation.

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I was using those guys as an example of being Sooners but still being capable of being all in while in Stillwater. Personally, the best example of that was Weeden & Curtis Lofton. You bleed for what colors you currently wear or who is signing your checks. Fan allegiance is real……for fans. Cale obviously preferred OU…….but if employed somewhere else he’d be just as good or better.

And some of you guys stances on the Cale issue are sad to me. You wanna argue over context? I get it. You wanna argue over if it deserved to cause a firing? I get it. But for some of you to argue whether the usage of the word is a problem……is a massive show of ignorance

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Neither Weeden nor Lofton played/coached for OU for 27 seasons. These examples are not even close in scope. Yes, I think Cale can go to another school and coach and recruit at a very high level, but still I don’t think he would be the right fit in Stillwater.

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However, I do agree with this statement

Doubtful he ends up at OSU. Cale is very talented. My personal opinion only but I think he could had be the OC. He did well calling plays and filling in a OC in the Oregon game. He did call Mike when Brent was hired asking for a job Incase he wasn’t kept on staff. But Mike told him to hang around to see what happens. He’ll be back coaching somewhere in a year or so. I wonder if Brent was in the room when he said what he said. It seems like a lot of the players that were in the room and former players are really backing him. Some sources are saying that Brent wanted him gone and some big donors are upset. Glad we aren’t dealing with this.

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Brent was not in the room. It was a position meeting (WR). OSU has something relatively similar with the Gundy OAN network T-shirt. It didn’t effect the team and neither will this. Has there been a WR decommit? No. Has there been any type of player walk out or “strike” type of situation? No. There has been zero signs that it’s effected anything within that locker room.

As for how Cale did during his 1-game stint in a bowl game…….that doesn’t tip the scale much in my opinion. Cale was on the staff since 99’ and never was a serious candidate to be a coordinator at any point. Cales biggest impact on the program was felt in recruiting.

Apart of me thinks he was trying to be hip and it blew up. Shouldn’t have said it at all and another part of me thinks there’s also a motive. Of all these colleges in this nation I’m sure there’s a lot of jacked up stuff and way worst racial things that go on even in these blue blood colleges. I don’t think too many people remember what Gary Patterson said and the Texas school song doesn’t get even more flack.

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