Mike Gundy Addresses Cale Gundy’s Resignation, Brothers ‘Haven’t Talked’ about Cale Joining OSU's Staff

I think he simply was trying to embarrass/make an example out of the player and initially had no idea that the iPad had that word on there. But he read it. Then read it again. Was his intent bad? No. Do I think he’s got a racist bone in his body? No. Do I feel like it warranted a resignation/firing? No.

Having said all that, I completely understand what can happen to a person professionally if they do what he did. If I say that word out loud in my profession, odds are I’m gonna be fired……& I work with predominantly white men. If my job depended upon me interacting with African American families and having to sell myself & my reputation…….I DEFINITELY would expect to get fired.

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Well i think its more on brent trying to get a head of something that was taked out of context. With cancel culture, being new head coach made.

I know you are taking this it was gundy words. Thats fine.
If im another coach on uo team i would be worried about walking on egg shells.

Brent was just trying to get out ahead of a possible deal. if this was as serious as we are lead to believe, uo would not have gave him a severance package. Ask leach how that works.

And with mike Gundy’s ordeal, i could have seen it blow up too.

Its over, nobody died, so its all good.

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I’m retired, Started work in the late 70’s and worked in the corporate world for 40 years, Even back in year 1 of working if I were to use a racial slur in the work environment I would have been let go and it wouldn’t have mattered what color the people were who heard me utter the slur. Also unrelated and beating a dead horse I know, but the general consensus, after many comments/reports over the last few days, is that there is more to the story than what we are being told.


That’s what I been hearing too. I think some former players or one of those wide receivers have already let some things slip out.

Who uses African American except people trying to be overly PC? I asked plenty of my black friends about that term…everyone just said, “just use black”.

You want to chastise the guy cause he was QUOTING what was written on a kid’s iPad, who wasn’t paying attention in the meeting? Yeah, he should’ve said “n-bomb” or the like but he was obviously ticked off at the kid and rightfully so. There’s plenty of controversy about the 'gga" version of the term, some black folks believe it disempowers the other (er) word, plenty believe it’s akin to saying my homey, my partner, etc. I went to school w/ tons of black folks, we heard it ALL.THE.TIME.

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There’s got to be more to this story. Brent Vegetables (cause he has no backbone) threw Cale under the bus twice! Maybe they weren’t exactly buddies when Vegetables was co-DC in Landsquatterville? Was likely told he had to retain him when he got named the HC job but wanted his own guy in there instead.

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Did you hear it used by a coach?

I’ve been in thousands of locker rooms/buses/dorms/hotels & have been on multiple recruiting trips…….I’ve never heard it said or quoted or uttered by a coach. Not a single time.

No one at the University of Oklahoma is told who
to retain. That’s not how that administration works. You really think some people are in Brent’s ear insisting on him keeping a WR coach? This isn’t HS or JUCO…….this is the University of Oklahoma. Joe C isn’t pushing anyone on Brent.

Go “quote” a rap song tomorrow morning in your place of business. Or at the gas station. See how that goes.

Okay buddy this is funny, you’ve been in “thousands of lockerooms/dorms/hotels” and my FAVORITE “multiple recruiting trips” yet you come on a blog site for your in state rivals with a name like “ketchupsicle” lmao so righteous :rofl:

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Yeah, sure that NEVER happens. Keep dreaming.

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He must be an assistant coach at Stily HS or some other school like that which didn’t have a black kid playing for it till Y2K.

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People do it all the time, like Tupac’s songs. You must live a very sheltered life in a very white neighborhood but white kids are the biggest buyers of rap music. :rofl:

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I played 5A HS football. Won 2 State Titles. Played D-1 baseball. Won a Big 12 Tourney Title. Played Minor Leagues baseball for 3 years. Highest I made was AAA my 2nd season. Ive gone on several recruiting trips as a Jr/Sr in HS and then again after my 1yr of JUCO baseball. I also went with my oldest son as well as 3 other kids that I helped through the process…including 2 that are on the current OSU baseball roster and 1 that just transferred out to Nebraska…in which I went with him on that trip too. I came to this site initially for the baseball convo and stayed because its pretty good content. Being involved in a chat on a blog or interacting isnt done by guys that have played before? Hell Kevin Durant, Archie Bradley and many other ACTIVE PRO athletes have been found using burner accounts on stuff similar to this. So I can guarantee you that im not the only “has been” that dabbles in these things. Thats my resume…take it or leave it, its fine with me. Like i said…ive heard that word said thousands of times…but NEVER BY A COACH

Ill add story along those lines. There was a 2021 HS grad in a prominent Oklahoma that is known for putting out D-1 talent. He is/was a pitcher. He had a scholarship offer and committed/signed in Nov of 20’. During the winter break a snapchat video filtered out of him saying that exact word to kid during a fight. It was said one time. The kid got his scholarship pulled and hes now pitching at a JUCO. To you guys, saying that word apparently carries far less weight than it does to some others.

Of course people do. But like ive asked you several times…have you ever heard a coach say it? NO. If they did, theyd more than likely be gone. Not every time. But more often times than not

Are you putting yourself on their level because you played 3 years in the minors? Lol idc who you are or what you’ve done, the fact that you felt the need to list all of that is hilarious

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When have I mentioned anything about the use of that word? I just thought it was hilarious you try to act like the almighty and list all of these wonderful things you have supposedly done, under a name like ketchupsicle lol sorry its funny

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Prety odd that you cherry-picked my post. This is what I referred to myself as…a “has been”

"I can guarantee you that im not the only “has been”

Dude, I never characterized anything I did as “wonderful”. Nor did I compare myself to Kevin Durant. Thats you trying to stir a pot and create something that didnt happen. Ive posted on here 1,500 times and that was the only time I gave any kind of resume athletically and that was in response to you insinuating that I was making something up.

Not defending anyone but I’ve been told the boosters/donors have huge say so’s at OU. It wouldn’t surprise me if Brent got permission to fire him. It took days for Cale to be fired.

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