Mike Gundy Changed Our World, for Better and for Worse

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On a phone call this March that did not go so well.

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Change the sites name to firing pistols.com maybe he won’t know the difference lol

Amazing how after that conversation, PFB went on a mission to prove Gundy right.

Then not only revealed their personal politics, but let it influence their coverage.


There may have only been two vague reasons why press credentials were revoked before, now there’s going to be some very legitimate reasons. I’d be frustrated if I was PFB getting my credentials revoked too, but I’m not sure how you’d earn OSU’s trust back after what transpired after that.


If blogs aren’t going to be credentialed that’s fine, but they need to not pretend RA isn’t a blogger.


I don’t think RA has ever done anything to poke the hornet’s nest to the same extent


Right but he is a blogger and blogs are bad according to Gundy and he doesn’t want them to have credentials.


yeah, but leaking the nike rebrand when you’re just starting out as a blog (which is what caused PFB to blow up in the first place) when they knew the OSU AD would not be happy, is not a good foot to start on. it was a risky move that paid off in some ways and also had some ripple effects, like this. They knew they were toeing the professional ethical grey area line. I feel like it’s fair to criticize Gundy for this, but PFB also deserves criticism when controversy played a major role in what turned this from a small blog into what it is. I mean it is what it is, I don’t know what I’d do in that situation, but they knew it was a move that would tick OSU off but would also get them clicks.

and I mean Tramel was born and raised in Norman, OK and went to OU. He’s fair in his analysis of OSU, but he doesn’t shy away from controversy and is no doubt a wayyyy bigger fan of OU. it doesn’t surprise me, as a member of the media that he’d completely side with PFB on this…he said it himself in that article “I’d have done the same with the Nike leaks”. OSU is looking out for OSU and PFB is looking out for PFB. sometimes ya butt heads


“In 2017, I got a phone call that we were (finally!) being credentialed to cover OSU sports.”

Yeah…and it only took one person to almost derail the entire thing as well.


Not sure if I would want to credential people on a mission trying to get me fired. Seems like an oxymoron.


Holder, Harris, somebody with some common sense needs to step up. To deny credentials to the largest internet site for OSU sports is petty and stupid. With staggering financial losses due to the pandemic inevitable, OSU needs to do everything within its power to preserve and cultivate its fan base. This is not the way to do that. Somebody needs to do the right thing here. Very frustrating.


The entire debacle of a player dictating to the coach that you cannot watch nor agree with your news channel, is sickening, un-American, and repulsive.
Mike Gundy should have said good riddance: play without him or good riddance.
He has plenty of support, and plenty of money to not have to bow to any demands from anyone.


This is truly becoming a day of holding to your convictions above all else!

I will not be rooting for nor watching the young immature Canadian unless he finds the error of his ways and learns some respect.

Agreed , sometimes agendas backfire on you… I enjoy most articles on here but the Gundy ones are old… move on guys, maybe try a different approach to Gundy. I like him for what he’s done but you know he can be a d***


You made your bed, now sleep in it


I’m all for Pistols Firing appealing to every decision maker at Oklahoma State, but I get enough politics and character assessments everywhere I go.

I paid for a subscription and I justified it to myself as a positive escape over the popular, free social media platforms.

I am not going to threaten to withdraw my subscription in a childish tantrum, I can’t imagine how hard it is to come up with content when sports aren’t being played… but at this point I doubt I renew.

All the Gundy stuff is taking the joy out of following OSU in detail.

I don’t put my phone in my pocket and go about my day with a foolish dream of winning a national title anymore.
I love dreaming of the potential of recruits. I like to see them do well on and off the field.

I would much rather see articles on former cowboys that are doing well in the business world. Maybe I’ll cross their path someday and I’ll look to give them my business if I can.

Give me something to look forward to, the Gundy frustration has played out!


I’m no fan of Gundy’s and would love to see him move on but the politics has drove me away from all pro sports. You can support Black Lives and not support the Marxists BLM.


Can’t imagine why Gundy wouldn’t give you all credentials lol
Maybe stunts like Boones could be a good reason?

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Right on