Mike Gundy-era Mount Rushmore

Twitter user Bryan Metcalf (@BryanJMetcalf) put out a fun tweet today about the Mount Rushmore of players under Mike Gundy.

Kyle Cox explained his take here, but what’s yours?

I’ll go with Blackmon, Weeden, Rudolph and Dez.

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Skirt the issue much? Pick a QB, Scott!

I almost put Robinson in, too honestly.

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I had the pleasure of visit with Coach Beckman last weekend. He said that the most physically gifted player he’s ever seen in person was Dez. That includes his time at Ohio St. He said Dez abused the defense every week in practice.

Dez, Blackmon, Weeden, Pettigrew.

Pettigrew, because Coach confirmed how big of an impact he really had on building the program.


Yeah, Gundy definitely loves him some Pettigrew. Seemed like Gundy’s first true game-changer.

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Who opened the year with a 96 yard TD during their freshman season?

Cox, Pettigrew, Blackmon, Weeden.

I strongly considered Perrish in mine.


Kyle, he was so enjoyable. My second favorite defensive player under Gundy besides martel van zant

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If Another Sanders wouldn’t have ruined our opportunity with Dez I would include him.

Weeden, Washington, Blackmon, Sharp (the kick was good).


Pettigrew definitely needs to be on there.

I’d say Pettigrew, Dez, Weeden, and Perish Cox.

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Blackmon, Dez, Okung, and Rudolph.

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Brandon Weeden
Dez Bryant
Justice Hill
Justin Gilbert

Weeden, Blackmon, Washington, Dez Bryant

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Any list that doesn’t include Weeden and Blackmon is blasphamy. The other 2 spots are so tough. I probably wouldn’t put Rudolph. I know he hold all the records, but I feel like he had another level he never got to while at OSU. Just almost there. Washington is a good pick. Not too many national award winners around.
So if I had to pick, I’d say Weeden, Blackmon, Washington, Okung. (This guy has played forever in the NFL)



Obviously any list is going to be offense heavy, what does D only look like?


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Flowers would be a good 4th

Kevin Peterson?

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