Mike Gundy-era Mount Rushmore

This kind of best some times get into favorites more then best. I think anybody who was not at least 18 17 years ago can’t apply lol.
Weeden yes should be on their, can’t really have another qb.
It’s hard to say a running back since he just keeps add another to the list, does one stand out.
Dez was a beast, just on talent dez. And started the wide outs.
I think from here there are 20 guys u could make a case for.

Weeden, Ogbah, Dez, and Washington.

Weeden,Pettigrew, Blackmon and Okung

Weeden (GOAT), Blackmon (GOAT), Kendall Hunter, and Dan Bailey (GOAT)

After this year, you might have to consider Malcolm Rodriguez on there.

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Oh, how naive Lee was…

I’ll tell him you say hi and he’s still in your head rent free.

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I’m really not sure of the “rent free” comment here. And quite honestly, I’d love for Lee to be back on the site. We got along, all things considered.

If they gave out the Butkus today, he gets it. IMO.

Hey u can say something smart.

You acting surprised I can say something smart despite your own failure to grasp basic grammar and punctuation is the height of irony. Well done.


Lol lol wait why am I laughing.

I’m a pretty funny guy!

“Welllll…what can I SAY?!”- James Evans, Jr.

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