Mike Gundy Explains 'Unusual' Start to Season For OSU Football

Bet they would get the tight ends involved and use the middle of the field whith some trick plays. Now that would be fun to watch!

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This is football not sea world

Football? Could have filled me

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Fooled me

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Bet the offense never scores more than 35 the rest of the year. With no help from the defense.

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Yeah the wide receiver excuse doesn’t make any sense to me, so far the young receivers seem to be playing well and have talent, defensively we’re very stout, our problem is Oline and QB. Get that figured out and this team is in the big 12 championship game.

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LOL, yes he blamed not being mature and being young on bray dropping his pass. I mean come on man. So seniors catch :100: of their balls? Wtf. The stuff this guy says I can’t help but to rag on him.


They didn’t catch all their passes

You forgot about the head coach. Gotta take care of that problem too.

Its funny how we use to complain about our previous OC’s then end up worse of the last two seasons. I’d love to have Yurcich back now please. With Sanders as our QB, I wish we could run a Zac Robinson style of offense for him. We’ve had running QBs before while having a shot 10+ win season. Our defense is the best it’s been in long time.

I am not convinced about the defense. Afterall, we have only played Missouri State and Tulsa, and they aren’t exactly powerhouses.

Think that’ll help our run game? SS is only chance to win 8 games.

Diversify the play calling and THAT will improve the O-line and QB play by leaps and bounds. It hindered Corndog too, can’t believe people can’t see this…


They’re good if they don’t have to be on the field 60~70% of the time cause of our inept offense.


Actually the d is on the field less now then with a good offense. When the offense is rolling they could score in less the 2 minutes.

Yes, if we had this defense in any year between 08 and 17 oh my lord.

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This is what osu will look like from here on out under gundy. He said a few years back that they are changing philosophy and will take a few years to implement. It’s defense first. It’s run the ball and slow the game down for the defense. He’s taking more defensive guys the offensive guys. But the problem is he can’t figure out the o-line mess. He’s not changing for nobody. Nail biters every game no matter if it mizzu state.

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If your Mike Gundy you take a dual QB and make him stay in a collapsing pocket to play like a pure passer when it’s evident that’s not his style.

Then you make him throw screen passes and bombs and don’t use his legs to make anything happen until the last offensive play of the game. Then you can’t figure out why defenders are always is position to break up the pass or make an immediate tackle. So you keep running the same thing over and over again.

Then you have guys like Bryce Bray (who started at OSU) but doesn’t start for Tulsa playing on the OL and wonder why your offensive lines sucks chit, your QB sucks chit, and your offensive scheme sucks chit.

I’m under the impression (and thoroughly convinced) we could pay a dude 10 times less as the Head Coach, and he would find a way to make the QB, OL, and Offensive scheme better.

The problem is the offense ISN’T rolling, and when the offense continues to give the ball back to an opposing offense that’s halfway decent that only puts more pressure on the defense and makes it harder for them to gain an upper hand.