Mike Gundy has a Talladega Nights-Like Outlook on the Big 12 Title Race

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Ricky Bobby :handshake: Mike Gundy

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I was 9 years old watching Pat Jones go 0-10-1. Sat in what is now the west end zone seating. If you told me, “Oklahoma State is going to go 15-0 and win a Big 12 title, crush OU once or twice, beat Bama and Ohio State in the playoff and win the first Natty in football, but they will go 0-12 the very next season…” I WOULD TAKE THAT RIGHT NOW!!! That’s how badly I want this program to WIN!!! What good are continuous 8 to 9 win seasons if they never amount to championships?!


It’s a very contradictory and deceiving statement. He claims he wants consistency, but at the same time acts like if they were to win a Big 12 title they would fall back to the Bob Simmons era. Which one is it going to be?

Why would it have to be one or the other when he’s proven in his first seven seasons as the head coach that you can have both?

Why can’t you go to the Big 12 championship game once every 2-3 years and remain consistent? That all goes back to both recruiting and coaching.

Maybe PFB should ask him this question:

Hey Mike,

Let’s pretend your an AD at a school. Let’s say you have a coach that does well in recruiting and hires the right coaches which lead to an upward trajectory in the win column to an eventual championship after seven seasons.

Now that same coach has been consistent with wins but relatively stagnant in conference placement and can’t be their biggest rival. That same coach can’t win the conference any longer, can’t recruit, can’t make the championship game ,and he is now crappy, conservative, inconsistent, and delusional when it comes to coaching actual games.

Do you keep that same coach that can’t do something they proven in the past, or do you part ways with that coach and bring in a young proven coach that will actually try?

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So by Gundy’s logic, he’s only had one successful season in the 15 he’s been here?

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You’re an adult, I assume, although you write like a 7 year old. Pull your head out of your a** and see this program for what it truly has become. #mediocrity.

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Gundy’s logic can change though with that statement. You can say it was a consistent and great season at 12-1 and then go 7-6 the next couple of seasons and still call it a successful season. The Gundy logic is two fold. So it’s like having your cake and eating it as well.

Questioning one’s political stance and beliefs is completely different than questioning the coaching abilities of the same person.

Boone may have a different point of view on Gundy politically, but I don’t think it’s wrong to question Gundy’s current coaching abilities since that’s practically his job.

It’s “write”.

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Personally, I’d love to be like LSU and run the national championship even if it meant being horrible the next year. I’d take that over our current OSU teams not living up to their very obvious potential.


Dude I’m not trying to bully you. You might be a decent guy. You’re welcome to stop by our tailgate next year anytime for free beer (if we ever get to tailgate again…stupid COVID). Just trying to get more people to see that OSU football needs a new guy in charge cause Gundy will never win another Big 12 title.

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