Mike Gundy Hints at Coaching 'Another 8 or 10 or 12' Years

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Could Gundy coach until he is 65?

He has another 6 years just to get his kids thur. Hey people work till the 65. We wouldn’t want him to done get his ss.

You look at all those other coaches on that list they spent the majority of their careers at blue blood programs. If Gundy can coach another 10-12 and crack that list that would do a lot for OSU as a brand. 30 years of continued success, more importantly 2 generations of people knowing OSU as a relevant good football program. If you do that then you get the right coach in there after him that’s how you potentially set the stage for a Clemson/Dabo Sweeney type leap.

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Chad must’ve told him they aren’t scheduling anymore bedlam games once OU leaves.

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You might be right!

30 years and 1 conference title. Yep that’ll impress everyone.


U lead a sad life


Realignment with no Bedlam is his best chance to rack up 2 or 3 more conference titles before walking away a legend. I can almost guarantee he wouldn’t have made these comments knowing he’d have to continue to play Bedlam.

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I don’t mind him coaching another 8,10, or even 12 years. I’m sure Stillwater High School would welcome him with open arms as their new HC. Then we can actually get a coach at OSU that is eager to win something worthwhile and not just be happy that we made it to a bowl game.


This is good chit

Pac12 calls themselves the conference of champions. So yes they will jump at ksu ( 0 natty’s in any sport)

One thing is a problem I’ve heard ku and ksu are a joint ticket.
And ksu has the smallest tv market.

Tech is not much better.

If big ten just wants two add teams their more likely to take west Virginia and isu.

It’s fine to cry about gundy but dnt float fairytale around like u know what ur talking about.

Example of how wrong u r about this subject.

U say gundy says embarrassing thing that would hender any body wanting us.
I would think leach has said more ignorant things. And he has coached in 3 power 5 schools and conferences.
And 1 is in the pac 12.
Like I said it’s OK for u to hate gundy but dnt let it effect ur relationships jobs and ur reality.

People actually like Leach because he has interesting theories. They don’t like people that make fart noises and call the fan base poor and stupid on national television because they want better results for their football program.

I don’t want him coaching Stillwater High. Tucker Barnard is doing fantastic, thank you very much!!

Forgot ur a leach fan lol. Yea Joey ur rite everyone loves leach. The guy that can’t win.

Leach has turned around every program he’s been to. Gundy has been at one program his entire head coaching career because he knows he’ll never get fired. If Gundy were to go to another school he would be let go in a heartbeat for not meeting expectations.

Rite Joey its really funny how it’s OK for leach to not win conf titles and be a loser.

Leach didn’t have a billionaire donate money to his athletic programs to make it better, didn’t have the facilities, and wasn’t given an option for better recruits. I’m willing to bet if Leach was at OSU he would have more bedlam wins and more conference titles in 17 seasons.

Only if leach could learn to shut his mouth ur pipe dream could be reality

Leach already had more wins over OU.

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