Mike Gundy on Extending Jim Knowles, Team Evolution and More With Joel Klatt

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Gundy talks style changes, his coaching staff and the 2021 season.

Last time we had a coordinator that took us to metal he left afterwards so this will be gundy’s most important recruiting he will have to do for the upcoming years. Better not because of a 100,000 dollar difference. Like to think this administration is serious about football and understands that football is what matters not golf.

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It would be nice if it was 100k. I would be all in.
Some people say that he makes 800k. But I thought I saw he makes 1 million this may be before virus cuts.
Either way Texas DC make 1.75 mill.
If Texas looks at Knowles like alot of u guys, they may want him. Money is no object. Pay a DC more then every hc expect football and basketball.

They get paid more than other HC because of the ability to bring in money. The other sports don’t bring in money like football does it’s as simple as that. Until everyone starts watching baseball or wrestling across the country it won’t change.

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You’re wrong Logan!!! Cause you know more people across the country are more ready to tune in watching wrestling and baseball rather than college football!!!

Why do you hate Knowles so much? Even Gundy said he wanted to extend him.

Who said I hated Knowles.
I like our defense. I would like the cn to get more pics.
I rag on Knowles because u let me.
If I look at Knowles more realistic then u doesn’t mean I hate him.
Tell me r u excited by these 5 recruits we have in this class so far.
I look at real issues unlike u ragging on gundy for winning almost 70% of his games.

My point was more to are we going to give him an 100k raise ur closer to 2 mill.
The last time u guys got jacked up about a coach we got a loss to oakland.

Last time Gundy got a raise he went 7-6 what’s your point?

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I wouldn’t say I’m excited, but I’m not too worried about it like you are. Mainly because I’m smart enough to look up the roster before panicking about it.

According to the okstate.com website, OSU has 58 offensive players listed and 67 defensive players listed.

Of those 67 defensive players listed there are 11 seniors (8 which see significant playing time). There are quite a few freshman and sophomore defensive players this season. We seem to forget we are going to get Ford and Clay back next season as well.

So of those 11 seniors we have 6 spots to fill after the 5 commits. That means Knowles is more than likely seeing who he might be able to pick up out of the junior college ranks or transfer portal. Just because he has 5 commits doesn’t automatically constitute the idea that he’s leaving, or that we should be in panic mode.

It could also be equivalent to Central Michigan as well.

U act like we have 10 scholarships left to go pick up alot of guys. To me there r 3 left. That’s for any recruits.
They may be able to pick so late transfers and push to to next year but that makes next year with less.

U whole thought process is wack.
I dnt care how many are on the team now.
Odd ball size classes make problems. Simple.
Sure juco portal and redshirt

Compared to other coaches by years wins or anything u want ,gundy isn’t getting over paid.

My point is how much are u will to pay Knowles
I’m sure we can get spencer back he will know most of the players.

Why would we want a shitty defense again? I’d be willing to pay Knowles a lot of money right now considering he has significantly improved the defense every year he’s been the DC. I don’t understand why you’re so against paying the guy it’s not like you spend money at the games or on tuition why do you care?

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Your just mad because I made valid point. There is no reason to suggest it’s the end of world because he only has 5 commits. Especially when we have more defensive players than offensive ones.

Because according to Robert whatever can get us to 6-6 is good enough.

How much do the super seniors have to do with this success on the defense.

Reason to pay him more would be to repeat success.
We will have super seniors for 3 more years. Which will help but this class was a big one.

Yet we consistently roll out contracts to the HC for just making a bowl game.

U no playing 5 commits is valid only in ur void of a head. It mite be better if they were better players.
Do u really believe ur self when u say words like" valid" and “good “with” u” in the same sentence

I guess u dnt know what repeat means.