Mike Gundy on What's Different This Spring: 'We're Not Wasting Any Time'

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Gundy says team is, “in the best condition we’ve ever been in at this time of the year.”

And here comes Joe with all of his all knowing negative knowledge in 3….2……

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I’m not really worried too much about the team except two areas:

  1. Offensive coaching

  2. Offensive line

That was an issue last season and I’m not too optimistic about it this season. Especially when we couldn’t snag a single player from the portal. I think Derek Mason will be fine and the defense will be solid.

Ah don’t be concerned about anything until you see them play

The offensive line and offensive coaching has been a consistent issue the last three seasons. So I don’t know what in the hell you’re talking about?

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It’ll all be fine Joey

LOL, gundy gundy gundy. This man has played football his whole life and has coached football for over 20 years and yet he said something blatantly obvious that 95% of people that don’t coach or have played football their whole life has been saying too much for too long. First yesterday it was hey we shouldn’t have been giving all the reps to just the ones and should have been splitting reps with the 2’s s and 3’s but thanks to COVID, he has seen the light. Gundy followed that up with another genius thought and said you never know what young kids can do unless you play them and said he should have played Harper earlier in his career and waisted his years. LOL aging thanks COVID. And today he says that they are not going to waste time this year and get this…”I think you try to get ready right now to win the first game.” You freaking wounder why we are in nail biters with NEO and loosing to the Chippewas in game one over the years? How can a guy be really smart in some things and just so oblivious to some football 101? Maybe he fell of his tractor and hit his head and woke up a smart coach.


Has anyone asked him about Jelani Woods yet? I wonder what his excuse would be in that situation?

Is jelani the only thing your gonna talk about on here, get over it

Jelani left because he wanted to, because the option to was there for his career, for his drsft stock. He said just a few days ago he still loves Oklahoma State.

It is what it is, Let. It. Go.

He wanted to because he wasn’t being utilized to give him any chance at a NFL career.

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You live in make believe fairy tale land. LMAO you right

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No, but I think that it should be pointed out and people shouldn’t be scared to ask him about it. Of course, as Jeff had said, nobody is willing to ask him hard questions.

When you have more yards in one season than your previous three years combined at OSU. That’s not because of the player. That’s because the coaching staff misevaluated and underutilized the player.

@joe15 you are the mayor of make believe fairy tale land LMAO you are beyond oblivious

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Did ever play football? Please do not go into coaching

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Becoming an NFL product at a new school because your previous coaching staff didn’t use you the way intended is not make believe.

See thats a lie he was talk as a pro draft pic here.
With injuries he would have got alot of work. And played on a great team.

Nobody is talking about making a guy pro when he has 8 receptions for 129 yards on the year. Are you phucking retarded?