Mike Gundy Reportedly Showed Interest in Florida Job Before Dan Mullen Was Hired

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Gundy twice talked with Florida’s AD, according to a report.


In other news, the Cowgirl golf team ROMPED to the win in their inaugural tournament this fall.

OSU was 13 strokes better than second-place Texas Tech at the Sam Golden Invitational in Denton.

Best news: #5 bag Caley McGinty paced the squad with an overall third place showing of -12.


Bracing for impact of people calling for him to be fired and saying he isn’t loyal…


I wonder if Gundy told Mike Holder, Boone Pickens, the rest of his staff and everyone else of this potential move? You know……the way a bunch of you think TX/OU should’ve told OSU about the move to the SEC.

See……it’s called business. It’s how it’s done.

This is a non-story.

Too bad they weren’t dumb enough to go after him instead of Mullen.


Somebody please take him


And they didn’t take him? Someone who goes 2-20 against their rival?


I’d have probably been disappointed to have lost him at the time, but hindsight today makes me think I wish he’d have gone when he could have. OSU has clearly plateaued under Gundy and doesn’t show any sign of being able to change its trajectory. Gundy provides a solid floor for the program as shown by his 14 straight bowl games. His replacement may be worse, and that’s a real risk. But we know that OSU’s ceiling under Gundy doesn’t include winning championships, and that should be our goal.


If people would bother to give a flip about the amazing quality of our overall athletic program, these football gloom and doom stories wouldn’t be nearly as impactful. There is a ton to cheer about if we look at the big picture.


So your message is, as a hole the athletic program is in good shape so we should settle for mediocre in the football program. Strange


Why are you here? Have OU fans nothing better to do with their time? Should you not be on the SEC boards arguing with those folks? You belong to the SEC now, go be with your own kind please.


Football is the big picture buddy.

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That’s not what I said. I said in so many words that football is not all there is and OSU athletics overall is very, very strong. And although we haven’t lived up to full potential in football, we do have a solid program that many fanbases would be happy to have, and one that we ourselves once longed for, not all that long ago.

I thought foot ball sucks. So everything sucks. How did u wake up this morning poor guy.

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You are a child or have the mind of one.

Nothing to see here. Nobody cares if he flirts with another school but Robert might get jealous and go slash his tires like a psycho girlfriend or go to his house and hide in his bushes with one hand on his binoculars and his other hand on his banana.


This is a very, very good site with very good content. I enjoy the discussion. I do read others like orangebloods & landthieves. But the content is very biased, which isn’t fun to read. I love Josh Holliday. Love OSU baseball & softball. I was a huge Gundy fan early on, but now cannot stand him. This site is for discussing topics……regardless who you root for

Different opinions from the other side of the aisle isn’t an indication of youth.

Like u almost had a heart attack till u realized it was 5 years ago

I used to wonder what Gundy could do with recruiting and history and resources like Florida’s. I haven’t done that for years. Gundy is who he is. A below average football coach whose best years are behind him. From 2008 to 2013, he was a top 25…maybe top 15 coach. Something changed. He isn’t that coach anymore and never will be again. I think 2013 Bedlam broke him. From that point.forward to now, he has chosen to believe that this program does not need or deserve to compete for championships. I honestly believe that he feels it’s impossible. And now 8 years later, I’m sure he lacks the desire to push a different program beyond what he has accomplished so far in Stilly.