Mike Gundy Revisits Tennessee Flirtations, Says He Saw Job with Vols as ‘Gold Mine’

Originally published at: Mike Gundy Revisits Tennessee Flirtations, Says He Saw Job with Vols as ‘Gold Mine’ | Pistols Firing

Gundy also doubled down on his loyalty to Oklahoma State.

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Boy you guys are dig up all the good stuff

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I love how he low-key throws shade at Holder all the time.


We will have to wiat for the book. We know one chapter is about cale and brent. Im sure one will be about holder.

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Holder’s gonna be like twelve chapters.


Let’s say Gundy stays here 10 more years and still only has one conference title without Texas and OU in the conference. Who gets the blame then? Chad Weiberg? The donors? The fans?

Let’s say he stays 10 more years and wins 7 conference titles, who gets the credit then?


We have proof over the last 10 years he can’t get one. I need you to take a step down from imagination land and come back to earth.

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Good question. Here’s a scorecard for the next ten seasons. Keep for future reference

0 championships- Gundy is stripped naked, marched at sword point to the edge of town and forced to leave on foot, carrying the dead bodies of Holder and Weiberg on his bloodied back.

1 championship- same, but gets to wear athletic shorts.

2 championships- Coach Gundy reveals his secret: took the red pill. With Bourbon shot. Pappy Van Winkle, twenty year.

3- firegumby changes name to “maybeconsiderkeepingmike”. Nick Saban travels to Stillwater to learn about the Gundy/Mason La Brea Tar Pit defense.

4- Coach Gundy’s new title: Czar Gundy.

5- Czar Gundy allows the other 35 Big 12 teams to play the Cowboys at once. OSU wins. Fans do not storm field.

6- most popular newborn name: Gundy. For girls and boys.

7- Oklahoma is renamed Gundhoma and Payne County is granted Caliphate status.

8- Gundyism now a world religion. Even joe15 does the required one-arm push ups, as a true believer.

9- Gundy Khan conquers the team from Wolfe-Lundmark Galaxy. Hurry Up offense is now FTL.

10- The Supreme Mike is offered the chance to reshape the very laws of physics. Replaces all quantum equations with the Cowboy Culture.


Hey just asking , your the one who said we’d never even make a CCG appearance as long as Gundy was still here


OR, Baylor Cincinnati and Iowa State are well on their way to becoming Bluebloods while Beer Robert and Michael are still making excuses for Gundy. " Injuries, can’t recruit to chit hole Stillwater, only clean program in the WHOLE WORLD."

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Lol jug your at it again. Thise teams you listen have recruited anywhere bb. Injuries are as real as the chit you shovel.
After last with matt having that team, the question isnt bb but will they ever get 10 wins. Matt dropped the ball.

Your other 2 will fall back. Which cincy in the aac is not good since they will have it harder soon.

There talking a strength for baylor is senior line. We sacked them 6 times with double digit loss tackles. No rb or recievers. Bayolr last year wasn’t a juggernaut on offense last year.

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Last year, OSU offense was not a juggernaut. If nothing changes Gundy will never win the conference again, if things can change Baylor Cincinnati and Iowa State can improve.

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Blahs. You just repeat yourself. Like all was your just throw crap out there.

You can say the same for ksu byu ucf tech tcu.
We have guys that can make the offense better. Baylor have maybe one in each spot on offense they have no other.

You cant deny matt really burst your bubble. Even when gundy was picked high he never had so many all big 12 kids.

Its time you break down and tell us you predictions for osu. We a soild 9 and 3. Thats if half the hype on the other schools are true. Texas is falling apart. Baylor has not shown a rb or reciever. Ksu has 6 players. Ou, what couldnt go wrong with every new coach 20 new players and no cale.

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Don’t think he’ll be here that long, but what if he has 3?


He’ll give the credit to a coordinator

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Oh right. We’ve seen that playbook.

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Gundy is on a 17 year pace so far. He would have to coach for 153 more years in order to get to 10 total. It’s cool to imagine, but I doubt it happens.

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Maybe so, but if we can’t beat other teams not named OU for conference titles then that should be concerning.

It be cool to have gundy coach another 153 years?

Im with you brother

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