Mike Gundy Seems Skeptical Bedlam Rivalry Will Continue After OU's Move to SEC

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Will Saturday be the last Bedlam game in Stillwater?

Fine by me.

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All of y’all who gripe about not enough money in the football program had better start pushing to continue Bedlam.

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I just don’t understand why he doesn’t come out and say “Yeah….we don’t wanna play them!!!”. We all know that’s the true answer.

Kudos to Gundy for avoiding the “…and the horse they rode in on” phrase.

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Seriously, why? I get that every other year we get a sellout game. What’s to keep us from scheduling another big game in lieu of the Land Thieves?


We have Alabama Arkansas Oregon Nebraska
I dnot see how playing the 4th best team in the sec west will help us

It’s the best guaranteed money you got.

Plus if they go the way of Nebraska and you could ever get a coach who would play to win, you might make up some ground.

So you think one sellout game a year is gonna be the difference in our money problems? What about 60 million dollar baseball facilities that generate 0 dollars in revenue

But don’t worry @ar1 holder didn’t call plays while he was here so he was great, he only came out and publicly shamed the head coach on recruiting while also giving him a recruiting budget that Tulsa could compete with . Thank god we have more state of the art facilities for non revenue sports though right?

I agree with Gundy, I wish the original Big 12 was still intact. But, now that its not and knowing who is coming in and OU is going out, I find myself not caring to play them anymore. I get the sellout side of it but once they are gone, the mental block of beating them is gone also. Winning the conference should be considerably less daunting.

However, let’s just win it this year!

No new rivalry will be like Bedlam, but who do you guys think our new football rival might be, if we have one at all?

I’d imagine tech, ISU, and Cincy will be our main rival games.

I’d love to get some barn burners going with Arkansas in the upcoming non conference slate if they keep trending up!

That would be a good one to have frequently. We should schedule Colorado and Nebraska more frequently too.

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Oh yea I agree I gotta say I’m pretty pleased with some of our games in the upcoming non conference slate

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I would like if they ditched the FCS team every year. Make Tulsa permanent, add another G5, and a P5. Doesn’t have to be a big time P5 but some of the old Big 8/12 and some new teams we haven’t really played before would be awesome. Oregon State isn’t a great win but it’s a fun game.

If it’s left up to Gundy it will be Missouri State.

Man always dodging me on here!

I agree fcs games do nothing for us or any power 5 school!!

Should make it a rule where P5 can only play P5 and G5 teams while G5 can play both P5 and FCS.

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