Mike Gundy Seems Skeptical Bedlam Rivalry Will Continue After OU's Move to SEC

:arrow_up: couldn’t like that enough

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Or maybe Western Carolina?

Gundy would never agree to that.

I’m talking for college football in general. I’m sick and tired of watching SEC teams getting an extra team to beat up on in November. I don’t like watching us play them either. It does nothing for us. Doesn’t prepare us for conference play at all. Pick a shiity G5 to play in you want a “free” win. At least the talent is more comparable. Hell I even have a graduate degree from Missouri State and don’t like playing them. It’s pointless.

Hey…where is Rattler transferring?

Don’t know. Are you wanting him here?

Before you decide, go back and watch Bedlam from last year.

Last year means nothing.

And, no.

How’s that center doing?

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Don’t worry Gundy could win it all this year and he’ll still want him fired for wearing a shirt on a fishing trip

You’re right I’ll still want him fired and not for what he wears fishing. I just don’t want to wait until 2031 .

You don’t have to

S E C u later. Good riddance.


The sec plays 4 non con games in hopes that more teams get bowl eligible. So a team like south Caroline wins 2 or 3 can go bowling.
The fcs is suppose to be like a perseason. Look at tosu they lost to bad Oregon. Should have played a fcs first to work out troubles. And in most cases its the only game younger players play.

Ohio State played a real team before losing to Oregon. It wouldn’t have helped them at all.

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I thought it was the first game.
But play fcs teams r fine for both schools.
I know u guys make fun of msu but they r a playoff team. Any fcs school will give alot of fbs schools troubles.
Washington, tulsa ,etc… lost to playoff teams.
Playing a perseason # 1 or an fcs team is just a game. We have done both.

I don’t have a problem with teams like Tulsa scheduling FCS at all. I do take issue when P5 teams do. It’s boring. Schedule a low tier G5 at least they have more comparable talent.

But it’s OK for Alabama. Look at how many lil schools basketball plays. I dnt care if the are in the same division it’s they same thing. Anything under a mid major is the same as fcs.
So r u saying the were shouldn’t play lil schools in basketball. It’s the same deal

Learn to read Robert. Where did I ever say it’s ok for bama? I didn’t. Maybe if you knew how to read you would’ve seen “I’m sick and tired of watching SEC teams getting an extra FCS team to beat up on in November.” And now you compare to basketball again which I’ve heard come from your mouth about 900 times that you can’t compare them.

I told u why the sec set it up like that. For wins.
I was just comparing competition between the 2 sports.
I fine with it in both sports because I understand why we do it. I think it’s need. We may have to change in the new conference but I not see why with weaker conference like pac12 and acc

I’m not trying to be an ess. I really want to know is it OK to play oru in basketball ball. Sure they can make the dance and have bear ku. But, how is that different then appalachian state beating Michigan

There is a lot more parity in college basketball than football. Sure the blue bloods have their advantages but there isn’t the same gap between the ORU and KUs of the world than the Alabamas and Missouri States of the world.