Mike Gundy Seems Skeptical Bedlam Rivalry Will Continue After OU's Move to SEC

I know what ur saying. I know small schools can do better in basketball. That still doesn’t mean the bottom 200 r in a better spot then fcs teams.
Sure a team can make a good year in basketball that has been really low. Exceptionally with the portal so can fcs teams.
But the top fcs teams have always been good.

We don’t play top FCS teams. We play Missouri State and south Alabama.

Msu has been in the playoffs last year and this year.
So it’s OK to play 7 teams or more that will be below 150 in basketball.
Here is my point ur saying it ok fir basketball to play exhibition game and alot of Jr high school. But, not ok to play 1 cheap game in football.
This is not a coach thing to me is it to u. We general play 10 power 5 schools. U mentioned Oregon state its not are fault the are bad there better this year. Same with Arizona or Georgia they are still power 5

Let me put it this way I’m pretty good and name college until it comes to basketball.
Some of those school I swear were woman’s college

Can you write a few sentences that are coherent? I have no idea what you’re saying. Do I like playing shiitty teams in basketball? No I don’t but at least there is like 30 games to be played. The difference between bad basketball teams is a lot less than bad football teams. I wish they would stop allowing all P5 to play FCS. It’s not just OSU I want to stop doing it. I want every P5 to stop it.

Ok so say u play 36 games in bb and 12 in fb.
Ur say we dnt play more then 3 chit teams in bb.
Bb schedule are a whole lot less great then fb.
I know I was a classic but what division is Lowell in.

Alright I’m done with this. You really do just not like the basketball team or Boynton or both.

Like I have always said I dnt hate boynton.
I’m using osu as an example. Ur the one who is thinking I hate bb and boynton.
What we are talking about is about scheduling not coaches. U talking coaches.
U do have a weird way of looking at things if u can’t see the double standard