Mike Gundy Takes Hilarious Shots at Brian Bosworth, Jamelle Holieway Ahead of Bedlam

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Gundy was unfiltered Monday.

Lol gundy at his best. This is the stuff @ar1 aka jug lives for.

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Unfiltered Gundy is the best Gundy! I keep going back and forth on whether or not we win by a little or a lot.

We could lose too….


But I’m all for winning. I have predicted several wins for the Sooners this year that didn’t happen, including in Morgantown this weekend. Spencer playing sure makes it interesting.


No championships being won this year so guess we got to get ready for another meaningless bowl game to pad gundy’s consecutive bowl game appearance. Just to sit here and watch new coaches to the league take that spot. Sad.

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What was his record in Bedlam as a player?

this is starting to feel a little like Les Miles feeling full of himself before that bedlam butt-whooping where he awkwardly gave the “let’er rip” pregame interview

I’m afraid at some point if the press keeps putting cameras in his face he’ll start defending Cale’s use of the N-bombs

Yes and another year of you crying

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Wasnt like gundy didnt make the play to win. Just like a few plays missed out over the years. Just get over it it not like osu is the worst. I have name big time programs that are worse since gundy has been here. Stop crying

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Posted for the 99th time :roll_eyes:

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He can’t hold the tail right , you don’t really expect jug to do a little research or remembering do you, crying is for depression :grin::cowboy_hat_face:

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This is for your jug

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Jug is like just given up. I dnt know if its the lose of his daughter or gundy winning the 7th game for the17th time. Lmao

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Oh he’s crying, has depression from the 8–10 win season we will have :joy: he will come back for a sarcastic remark if gumball chimes in :joy:

Yea no title what has gundy done for us. Blah blah blah.
Bedlam will be tuff, but he will die if we win

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@michael13 & @robert28 you A holes have no idea what you are talking about 100% of the time. Joe may be gone but jake4 & yo1 are just blowing smoke till they’re gone. One for two is pretty good odds. The main point is no matter what you culls say, you will never make a championship coach out of Gundy.LMAO

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I called it @ar1 he came on crying and talking about titles. Itll be weird not having joey and jug on here.

He says we dnt know what we talking about. Its funny we win bedlam my 9 win season predictions is pretty good. Any way, if we win 1 that third place is a lock. That predictions is way better then the pros picked for baylor and uo.

Uo is on there way to 5 win season and baylor a 6 win season.

What has gundy done kept us from losing season like matt and dave.

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