Mike Gundy's Season a Masterclass in Playing to Your Strengths

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Gundy deserves all the credit a 6-0 start can afford.

While I do agree that we don’t need to have a high powered offense with the way the D is playing, they have to be more consistent. They need to be able to string together drives throughout the game and punch it in with TDs. If they averaged 10 more points a games, I think they would be in good shape.


I think we will need 35 in ames. Mite not with as slow as they move and we move it could be another like last year. We will need make sure to make plays and catches. They were ranked in the top 10 for a reason.

With as much bad sh$t that some of our fans say against gundy, I was hoping this thread would have more compliments today… great win coach… it was kinda hard to watch the first half but we got it done…GO POKES


Great job this year by Gundy and staff. Thus far, they have found a way to get to 6-0 by way of an improving offensive line, solid run game and an ELITE defense. I will caution that 27 points WILL NOT get it done in Bedlam. And that game may very well decide who gets to Arlington. Which makes me sick to think about.

Great article! Big game this week. Go Pokes!

Complete propaganda. He ain’t playin’. Credit for the sorry first half and the head-scratching playcalling? Jason Taylor II saved the day. Without that pick-6 we go into a huge hole we would not have gotten out of.

The coaching could be a LOT.BETTER. But hey, let’s all cheerlead!

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It’s about time I was being to think u couldn’t cheer​:woman_cartwheeling::dancing_men::no_good_woman::scream::scream::scream::exploding_head::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

How about we fix our offense and make it reliable enough to where we don’t have to squeak by every game this season? Maybe find a way to play one consistent game offensively? Thanks!!!

So ur just going rite blah blah on all the article

It’s not “bad chit” it’s all constructive criticism. People can agree he’s down a good job despite the fact he’s playing with a QB that can get us beat.

I’m just trying to figure out why Sanders hasn’t developed under the offensive staff and why we came out with the same offensive game plan against Texas like we do every week? Especially when they had two weeks to prepare for the game.

You can’t say it’s not true and that it’s not a problem.

Thats called crying not constructive criticism. If u say the same thing for years it’s way past cc

I feel execution is a big problem. Dropped pass, slipping on pass routes and flags.

Does the offense need to be fixed or not?

In the words of Joey " I’m just saying".
Did either dunn or gundy call a play where Martin stone hand bounce the ball off the his face mask. Sanders threw a good pass.
Gundy said the did the presley pass 50 times I doubts it had Sanders stumbling.
Does dunn call plays where presley slips 4 times a game.
Did gundy call a center to false start, I’m being to think there is a play it’s the 3rd this year.
I name 6 bone head plays that did not have anything to with the coaches. I could go on with more flag and drop passes. We only ran 82 plays were into double digits %. So yes ur a moron

Okay….since you seem to be the football guru. Who exactly is responsible for the development and discipline of the players? Surely you can answer that?

Well moron all teams have these plays. But we just dnt have the best offensive players. So play more difficult plays will only make things worse. I like Martin but he is no Wallace or others.
Presley needs new shoes I guess.
How do u get a center not to false start. Change centers is that it. There a coachable stuff but not all.

Now do you see why I would like for Gundy and his staff to recruit better players that arlready are disciplined and a little better developed?

Now do you see where I’m getting at? If our coaching staff has trouble teaching basic fundamental and disciplined football on the offensive side of the ball then maybe we should try to recruit players that do.

You’re blaming execution (which is fine), but aren’t holding the ones responsible or accountable for teaching those basic and fundamental things. The two are actually connected Robert.

U jump from one stupid thing to the next.
When ou leaves and starts losing we make the playoffs then we will recruit better.
Ever one have explained recruiting to u, but u can’t grasp it.
Tcu was with out Evans poor running against ou
Ksu loses Skylar no qb.
Wv do offense
Tech no defense
Ku no team
Do u see where this going. I know no u dnt ur an idiot.
School not named ou can’t recruit great players in every spot every year. With bad recruits happening more in these schools. But u being Forest everything is like a box of chocolates. Same style flavor and numbers.