Mike Gundy's Season a Masterclass in Playing to Your Strengths

We can’t even make our conference title game now with teams staying in the Big 12. You still never answered the question. Who is responsible for the development and discipline of our players?

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I thought we have Knowles defense. Defenses win championship.

Offense also wins games. Gotta win games before you can win a championship.

Have we lost I missed that.
So when miles scored zero in his last title game, did Alabama win by defense or lsu lack of offense

I know that ur a moron and can’t answer the miles dilemma.
So ur saying all executions are coachable. And have good execution is not important

In 2011 LSU averaged 36 ppg. Bama averaged 35 ppg. A lack of offense by LSU, but not necessarily a lack of defense by LSU either. Bama was held below their season average. Bama won the turnover battle 2-0 as well. LSU had 92 yards of offense as well. So yes…LSU’s lack of offense greatly attributed to their loss.

Good execution is important, but there is no reason for our QB and offense to keep getting worse over the past three years if they are being properly taught and developed.

So Alabama didn’t hold lsu to 92 yards.
Ur like a dog chasing his tail

Name me how many teams in the past 10 years have won a game with 92 yards of offense? The both go hand in hand you idiot. Obviously if your team scores 0, loses the turnover battle, and has 92 yards of offense it’s going to be hard to win ANY game. Let alone against the best coach in CF history.

Let’s say we get to the Big 12 title game. We are playing OU. We lose 21-7. We have 92 yards of offense, lose the turnover battle 2-0, and score 0 offensive points. Are you blaming the offense for the loss, or are you blaming the defense for it?

So is it players bad calls or execution sounds like u found another tail to chase.
One thing most dual qb systems dnt score as much. Not like a passing act that flings it down field every play. So in steady of get big hunks with 3 changes u need to get some every play. This gets tiresome I told u to get a football dummy book.
Basic with this offense we need but execution.

Why don’t you answer the scenario?

The defense for not score and allowing 21 points. U think ou has a defense that will stop us lol u stupider then ur avatar looks( ur self portrait

Why should I u skip 90 % of the stuff I point out.

OU held us to 13 points last season when we had a better offensive team. So no I don’t think it’s impossible for them to do that.

If this season has taught me anything if the team ranked 107th in total defense can hold our offense scoreless through three quarters than any team better than that can. Considering we love running the same thing over and over again.

Because it’s irrelevant and stupid. Why do you not answer any of the main points I present to you?

So you’re going to blame the defense for not scoring, and only holding a team to 21 points that’s averaged 43 on the season thus far?

Joe ou is not the same defense against the same line.
Their front is nothing compared to last year. Which I did predict.
Joe thats ur tail ur chasing not me. Just keep saying the same. U understand lil to none of football.

Sounds like the best answer to get u railed up. Is the steam flowing

So I know nothing about football, but your going to blame a defense for not scoring, and for holding a team to half of their average on points? Despite a putrid offense?

You can’t claim to know football, and then avoid or never answer common sense questions related to the sport. You aren’t nearly as good as you think you are. Good luck!!!