Mike Gundy's Season a Masterclass in Playing to Your Strengths

U know ou gave up the same point as smu California less then Texas to tcu. With out their best back Evans. How many points did Texas score. U may live in a fantasy world I dnot. We will score some where around 30 on ou.

If you want to beat OU now then you better plan on scoring at least 40 or above with Williams playing QB for them now. By the way, my avatar is the best and some people on here would agree it’s a very fine looking avatar.

U have no common sense so I know ur in ur fantasy realm. Lsu had a bulling running attack. It worked well against vandy. But Alabama had the horses to stop it. No passing attack. So miles had no offense

I know KS poke and Jarrod have said different.
Because Williams scored 52 against tcu we should be scared. Look how we deflated texas

The OU front seven is the best their defense has. They are 18th in rush defense. Now their secondary is pretty bad though. Here is the problem Roberto. We can’t pass the ball, and we have an offensive coaching staff that wants to run it at all costs. Just thought I’d let you know.

Just because they love their avatars doesn’t mean they don’t like mine. I do agree they have some good ones.

Good thing ou didn’t face Evans. We wouldn’t want to deflate that ego of ou.
If ur going to use my Spanish version of my name say something good. Not back to blah blah blah

U think urs is the best they do not agree with u.

Just saying. If we can’t find a way to rush the ball against the 106th ranked rush defense for three quarters I don’t know what makes you so confident we would do it against a rush defense that ranks in the top 20.

Joe why would u run against ou when they will allow u to throw all day long. I think Thompson is still completing pass on ou 8 days later.

I don’t know. Ask your HC and his offensive staff. Maybe they are scared to death to let Sanders throw the ball? Maybe instead of using the pass to set up the run they want to run to set up the pass like they always do? No matter how good or bad a team’s secondary might be. That’s the chit I’m talking about Roberto.

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It’s always funny u except those numbers but not the fact we we 95th in total defense in 2018

Joey ur always just saying this or that. It’s all blah blah blah

Really? You guys are children

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He’s not wrong.

If you really believe Gundy and all staff included haven’t done a great job with particular team up to this point, you literally no nothing about this sport. Oh I know it doesn’t score as many points as you want and Spencer’s coaches are why he stinks.just retarded

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U didn’t answer yo1. I guess he was rite.

He’s done a good job based on the failure of the offense to move the ball. That I can agree with. Now at the end of the day though he’s the HC, and he needs to get Dunn to do a better job.

It’s not retarded to assume Spencer sucks and his coaches haven’t developed him. Look at the offense every single week. It’s the same thing over and over again.

Spencer Sanders on his 4th year on campus and he still looks the same as 2019. I’ll give credit that Gundy is finding ways to win with a QB and OC that can get him beat.

You act like they aren’t trying. The kids just not gonna be an all conference type player. Your just gonna have to get over it and enjoy winning.

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If we lose Joey will come in here telling all of us he was rite about recruiting and coaches. U just have to understand Joey is a moron in a fantasy world