National Signing Day Live Blog Recap: OSU Has Strong Start to Early Signing Period

That 2016 class was ranked 45 overall and 7th in the Big 12.

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Did they take the B12 trophy from 2011 out for a cleaning?


It sets next to John Maulbetsch’s he was a once in a career guy too.

The picture you showed of the trophy case was empty….so are both trophies out for cleaning or are they invisible? Does the trophy case have invisible basketball and wrestling trophies as well?


Oh I’m sorry this trophy case was built in the last decade.

If you don’t think recruiting rankings matter you’re straight up dumb and or ignorant.

One finish above 4th in the last 6 years, I admit they were good players but just a few guys on a team each year is going to win the conference.

Oh okay, so where is the trophy case? Is it in Old Central?


You should take a trip to OSU and see all the old artifacts from when we actually won something.

I hear you. But look at TCU. They didn’t “win” the conference this year but they did go undefeated during the season and are headed to the playoff. What they did last year was bring in 14 transfer players and only 14 freshman. Of course, they also have a new head coach and a veteran backup QB which most teams just don’t have.

This year, they are crushing it in the recruiting rankings. I think we are bringing in some solid transfers to fill the holes that we have going into next season. This team should be able to win in 2023, compete for a conference championship, and possibly make the playoff. We had TCU beat this year until Sander’s shoulder started acting up.

The sky isn’t falling is what I’m saying. Does TCU look to be in better shape going into 2023? Yes. Did Baylor look better than us going into 2022? Yes. Both of those teams will have to come to Stillwater next year and they won’t find an easy win.


OSU won’t be better than 4th next year and then down from there. We could probably stay bowl eligible but that’s all Gundy has been consistent at anyway.

Do you know what K State TCU and Baylor have proven? Changing coaches doesn’t mean the death of the program.

I don’t disagree that changing coaches won’t kill you. I thought we were debating this year’s recruiting class. No?


Ok this years recruiting class. Let’s start at the top. Do you think this quarterback is getting less hype than Spencer Sanders got? How about Camron Heard he’s about the same size as Tylan Wallace, not predicted to be as good but maybe. I mean recruiting rankings don’t mean anything they both should be ranked exactly the same.


you still use your finger to read, sit down some where and let the grown folks talk.


Good one pal.

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That would be interesting. Do you have the contact information for this tour?


I got my tour from Mike Holder.

Chris5 and Roberto micheal and the very few others on here are perpetual sunshine pumpers and have no brain to reason or common sense, if they did they would be saying the same song for as long as we have on this site right? Right. They will be here next year talking the same thing and pumping sunshine up their own butts year after year to come. Iv listen to them going on 4 years now and they’ve been wrong all 4 years lol.

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So when are you thinking Gundy is going to bring you a championship?

I personally think that Flores should be a better passer than Spencer has become but not the same level of a runner. Likely not even close. But yes, I think he is getting a lot less hype based on my memory.

I think Cameron Heard has some potential but its hard to say if he’s Tylan Wallce or James Washington or if he’s Braydon Johnson. He’s a track and basketball guy so I expect him to be more of a burner, but all his tape is of him playing QB so there’s not much to go on. I’ll just put him in the JP Richardson camp for now.