New Big 12 V New Big 10

There are 34 teams combined in what will be the new look Big 12/Big 10 Conf (Minus OU/TX). Curious to see where you guys would rank these programs. Just go 1-20.

The criteria is opinion. Facilities.
Tradition. History of winning. Fan support. Recruiting base. Brand recognition. What you think the program will be going fwd. Overall job for a HC. Rank the top 20. Here is mine

1: Ohio St
2: Michigan
3: USC
4: Oregon
5: Penn St.
6: Wisconsin
7: Utah
8: Washington
9: TCU
10: Iowa
11: Baylor
12: Nebraska
13: Mich. St.
14: Oklahoma St.
15: UCF
16: BYU
17: UCLA
18: ASU
19: KState
20: Houston

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I think you have used different criteria for each team.
You have tcu and baylor above Nebraska got to be for the recent time.
Have no idea why ucf asu and houston are in there. You have bayor and tcu above osu. Past history all 3 have about the same still may leane toward osu. Tcu has had up and down years. Baylor for the recent title still has not been close to the playoffs as osu tcu or ksu.
Os is the winningest team in the new big 12. Top 20 against ranked teams in last 12 years.
Colorado and byu have titles in your life time.
Its hard to rank with a completely open system and
2 leagues.

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I told you in the initial post what the criteria was. I put TCU and Baylor slightly ahead based on their recruiting base, willingness to increase how much theyll pay, and recent success. UCF is in a recruiting hotbed, has been able to get quality coaches, and is now in a solid Conf that has a footprint in TX. Colorado doesnt warrrant being in the top 20 IMO. Oklahoma St has hit its ceiling as a program. The playoff expansion will make it easier to make the playoff…but impossible to win a Nat Title.

You can critique mine all you want…but at least rank yours too

You gave no criteria so its way open. Its easier to critique your list. By your own words Cincinnati has done what ucf has for longer and made the playoff. Ksu should be higher too.

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Dude, can you just have a discussion on here without every, single thing having to be a whole deal? Its just whatever your opinion is. Lets see your list…

KState has average facilities. No recruiting base. They dont pay real well. They wont be an NIL player at any point. Its a hard place to recruit to. Its even more a testament to what Bill Snyder did and what Klieman is doing now. But as far as being a great job or a program that can get to the next level and be a consistent contender…I dont see it. I think it will always be what it has been.

Cincinnati. I wont argue against someone wanting them in the 15-20 range.

It would be better to rank 1 thru 34 in each criteria.then add up the total.
Like facilities should be ranked twice. Once for hs kids and once for portal.
Like bowman said, all big colleges have nice facilities. Ku has outdoor chitters, and their gettin 4 stars.
You got houston up at 20 only for the recruiting area. That’s based on potential.
Im not arguing. I’m just saying you make it out to be simple.
Look at msu and Nebraska, if you do not count Colorado past then them to. Look at coaches msu dave and dana haven’t shown much. Tcu has been in the metroplex the whole time. They will still recruit the same. Good but not top 20. Sonny got to show it wasnt a one off.
Coaching in different leagues is tuff to compare. Byu was the best pac 12 team two years ago. Iowa osu and utah have the same coach.

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Dude again…its whatever criteria you choose to use. Ive said that…multiple times. “You make it out to be simple”…asking people to give their opinion by using whatever criteria they choose…is as simple as it gets

Houston: I put them at 20 based on recruiting area and what I think they could do now that theyre in a better Conf. Again, if someone thinks thats too high…thats fine. Im not dying on the “Houston at 20” wall.

Colorado/Nebraska: This is not even close. Nebraska has far more tradition. Nebraska pays better. Nebraska has better facilities. Nebraska has a better recent history (20 years). Recruiting base is similar. Colorado isnt better in any area as a program.

TCU: Theyve only been in a major Conf for a little over a decade. They will continue to get better in the recruiting world and are a major player in the portal. Facilities are getting a massive upgrade. They are starting to pay well. Theyre perfectly capable of taking over the new Conf and if they do…

Thanks for the suggestion of ranking 1-34 in multiple different criteria but I think 1-20 is plenty. You cant even muster up doing a 1-5…

Well until you get real feed back im all you got. Lol
I dnt see tcu changing in recruiting hs kids they will still be behind everyone that gets top texas kids. Portal kids that were over rated and want to come home is where they will excel.
I wasnt comparing cu to nu. I was just say if nu is bad now why so high with out looking at their past.

Throwing money at things is not always the best. Texas and Nebraska have proven that.

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Nebraska has some things that are hard to come by. They pay better than anyone listed beneath them. They have better fan support than anyone beneath em. They have as good or better facilities than anyone beneath them. They have a better history of winning than anyone beneath em. No one listed below them deserves to be higher than Nebraska

Still i wasnt talking about Nebraska. But, now were are. Since gundy has been here he is bettter then Nebraska. If results count as a criteria. Real this century has been get worse as they go on.

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“Still I wasnt talking about Nebraska”…You posted about them in two separate posts before I mentioned em, which is why I responded to it. So…yes you did talk about Nebraska. Yes…on-field results matter in my criteria. OSU has been better during the Gundy era (05’). But, history encompasses more than an 18yr window…especially when youre talking about a period of time in which one program (OSU) experienced its best period of their program while the other experienced the worst. OSU went 156-75 with 1 Conf Title. Nebraska went 126-100 with 0 titles. OSU is 14. Nebraska is 12. Nebraska made a great hire and has shown its willing to pay whatever it needs to. They also have much better fan suport than the Cowboys.

Like i was saying i was comparing teams to Colorado. Its done bad. I think they are going to start spending money. They are the single p5 in a large state with a flamboyant coach. So yes i talked about Nebraska ( mainly in response to your posts) but it start with Colorado

Im not impressed with sanders coaching yet had great records but lost to less impressive hcb schools in the blow game.

Just throw chit out there. I definitely would have Cincinnati and Colorado in over houston and asu.

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Why in the world would you have Colorado? Recruiting? No. Money? No. Paying? No. Facilities? No. Winning? No. Why Colorado???

Cincinnati I can see. I just think theyre going to be in a little trouble with no HC while transitioning into big boy football on a week-in-week-out basis.

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I laid out reasons. They are as good as you give for houston on furture recruiting. Houston has a small stadium with no fans and a questionable coach.
Same as Nebraska going to be better

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And no…you mentioned Nebraska first. Not me. “Look at msu and Nebraska, if you do not count Colorado past then them to”

Yes i said i mention Nebraska to compare Colorado. I was talking about Colorado. Then you thought i was talking about Nebraska. I just answer you.

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Hang on a second…are you trying to say that Boulder and Houston are the same for recruiting??? Go look at how many D-1 kids come from within 200 miles of Houston. Then go look at Boulder. Its not even in the same ballpark.

Questionable coach: Holgerson has a better resume right now than Deion. Im not a fan of the Sanders hire. Again chief…Colorado has nothing. Not a single thing. You said you “think” they are going to start spending money. Well…they havent yet. You said theyre the lone program in a P5…well they have been and its not worked out. “Flamboyant coach”…hes not won a single game at the D-1 level. You gave 3 reasons…Money (that they havent spent). A flamboyant HC (that hasnt won a game) and being the lone P5 (that has never helped before)
I put Houston at 20. You act like I had them in the top 10. I can see putting someone else at 20 and moving Houston. But not Colorado. And their stadium seats the same as Cincinnati’s

Dana had 1 good year at wv. Recruiting went down hill from when he got there.

I did say houston Colorado are at the same level on depth of d1 players. But, houston will not get the elite players. Houston still has to out recruit the sec and ever other team that recruits in houston.
I said i was not excite about sanders as a coach but par with dana.

Sanders will excite the base of Colorado at least a few years. You think going to the big 12 and dana excited the mostly suburban students to go to a small stadium.

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