New Stadium Upgrades Good for Now, but 'Not Enough,' Gajewski Says

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‘We need a new stadium.’

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Huge waste of money.

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Anything non revenue generating needs to be put on hold until the new Big 12 shakes out. Now is the time to pump as much money into football as possible to try to establish ourselves as the team to beat in the Big 12. If that can be established there will be plenty of money for other things.


I think we’ve already established ourselves in football. Not to mention, our brand new DC has a 1.1 mil per yr deal. Gundy just had the 5-year deal reinstated. Money for football is not a problem.

What will be a problem is someone coming after Kenny G, and he listens to them because we slow play him on a new stadium. With OU and Texas gone soon, we have a chance to establish ourselves in softball as well.


I would trade 10 softball national championships for OU to miss an extra point next year in Norman. No one with a brain would give that program a single dollar more than necessary to comply with out legal obligations. We need wrestling facilities and all the money we can spare to keep up with the big dogs in football. Stop wasting resources on teams that no one cares about and that do not have historic success at OSU.

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You do realize that Chris’ University Spirit sold a shirt years and years ago that said, “Stillwater: A drinking town with a football problem!” So, the one sport you want money poured into also had the label of “no one cares w/ no historic success.”

Do we need wrestling facilities to compete? Or…do we need a wrestling coaching change at the top to compete w/ the big dogs?

30 year old t-shirts will not convince me that no one cares about OSU football. There are a lot of issues keeping us from the top in wrestling, but they do need new facilities and should be way higher on the priority list than softball.

Also, I should not be wasting my time arguing with a Travis that is ranked 5,266 when I am ranked #1.

Baylor is investing 6 million more a year into their football program than we are. In the meantime, you better get excited for some Cowgirl softball!!!

Our wrestling team is like OU football. They can be really good and do great things. They just can’t win that national title again.

I get the football emphasis right now, but hopefully there is enough money to do at least some of both - at least expand seating at the current softball field. Could it be possible to get softball to cover their expenses? If so, that would be a nice boost overall. Lots of successful football programs are able to support other sports so why not us?

And I don’t begrudge a softball coach championing his sport - it’s what good coaches do.


Obviously these posters didn’t experience Cowgirl Softball the last two years. People like me are watching that never gave 2 horse tail shakes to softball in the past. It will captivate you. Check it out. Its exciting and has a growing fan base. Kenny G doing some great things!


You are an unserious person.

We haven’t established ourselves as the leader of the new Big 12. We could if we use the momentum of this season and invest enough money into football. But right now we haven’t established ourselves as a clear leader. Baylor and Cincy are right there with us. Plus throw in TCU and UCF more often than not.


I watch and root for the Cowboys in football but won’t attend games due to poor sitting. If they want people to come to football games do stadium seats. I support basketball by buying season tickets. I make softball games when I can. If anyone isn’t paying attention to our softball then they should. The ladies have been steadily getting better. They are fun to watch. I find it hard to believe that oSu fans on here don’t care about other sports. Maybe if the football only fans would spend some time and money on the other sports it would help out. I’m pretty sure I haven’t see GIA packed this year. Only 13k+ seats.


We never will unfortunately. You see we would have to out recruit everyone else in the new conference the same way ou out recruits us now. Our 10 to 12 star recruits to their 2 to 3. Long shot I would say.

Our 10 to 12 four star recruits to their 2 to 3 four star recruits is what I meant sorry.

We have add nice facilities. The wrestling program has add a donor to help them. We do need to find donors for softball and track. Which go get garth for the track.
We need to give these 2 some money.
That said give the football team it’s own money. It will help.

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Must not be an oSu fan if you don’t understand the commitment to all sports at oSu. You seems to have an attitude that fits the program down south.


John Smith is amazing and it may be the keyboard warrior needs to educate themselves on the current wrestling landscape.

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I thought there was a plan already in place to knock Allie P Reynolds down and put a new softball stadium there??? Increase the seating to around 2,000 and maybe softball could break even or even get into the black. I think it will continue to increase in popularity, TV revenue needs to go up.

I might be a bit biased as a former baseball player but softball is one of my favorite college sports to watch, the girls are AMAZING, esp some of the defensive plays. I think the games need to all go to 9 innings since the pitching tends to be so dang dominant and games go by much faster than a 7-inning baseball game.

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