NFL thread

figured we could use a place to talk about the Patriots-Titans game. Anyone else watching?

I am, because I’m a Titans fan and the f’ing Texans won (coughmisseddelayofgamecough) so I may as well complete a terrible sports day by watching.

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That Watson play was incredible, though I’m convinced that if only the first guy had hit him he would have gone down.

I also think that if the Pats lose tonight Brady hangs it up.

On the 3rd and 18 first down, the clock was at 00 for two full seconds before they hiked the ball, but no call. Then again, the announcing crew was racing towards ‘home plate’ with how much love they were showing the Texans, so it wasn’t even slightly mentioned.

And I hope he does, honestly. I want that dynasty to finally be dead. Dynasties just aren’t fun (IMO).

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yeah I thought the officiating was slanted for the Texans in OT, but I was only able to watch the 1st and OT.

Dynasties are only fun for your team, no one else.

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Henry is a machine. Dude is fantastic.

He has the best nickname too: El Tractorcito. I love it.

I haven’t heard that one before :joy: :joy: :joy:
That’s the best.

Right? It just makes him even more fun to watch.

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it really does. TD Titans!

I am a fan of Firkser. He’s not good enough to be an every-down starter, but he holds on to the ball 99% of the time.

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that’s what you need from them these days. They don’t need to be 4 down guys if you draft well.

(or sign free agents!)

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As a Packers fan, I’m still learning what that phrase means. Give me another year

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CLEAR hold and BitB there.

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Foxboro in January? Forget about it - it’ll never be called.

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You could have stopped at “Foxboro”

That was an incredible pass break up by the Tennessee defender.

that was a basketball block right there.