NO-U vs Baylor Game Thread

Waco is nice. If you like Fixer Upper (the HGTV show) then make extra time to go to their Silo’s attraction. Good food trucks, bakery, etc

I’ve only driven through. I think I’ll go next year.

Baylor eating up the Swiss cheese defense.

I’m enjoying this quite a bit. Really like seeing the shocked look on the gooner faces.

My wife is a Sooner fan (I know, I know, save it)

Things are not going well in this house

Edit: half this house


Holy moly


Jalen Hurts his Heisman hopes


Holy moly^2

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I thought it would be easier than this to root for Baylor.

Also: This is happening, people. Bedlam to go to the Big 12 title.

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It’s not easy, but if I ignore one team it’s easy to root against OU… Especially if it’s in our favor.

  1. Arlington?
  2. Chuba to NYC?

SIT DOWN, SIR. WE CELEBRATE AT 0:00. You obviously haven’t been an OSU fan very long

I might dislike Baylor more than OU.

0.5 keep your cool!

Yeah, winning Bedlam just seems unlikely. But at least it’s going to potentially be for something.

Let’s see how Hurts responds here.

I’m gonna thank Baylor for the blueprint… Regardless of overall outcome… 1st half has exposed the OU problems deeply.


As I’m watching Brewer running all over OU, I’m thinking PLEASE let Spencer be healthy for Bedlam!


CBS Sports Sunday morning headline:

BREWER FOR HEISMAN? Beat OU, save the cheerleader, save the world

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I’m cool with Dru too.