Non OSU football thread

Glad to see UCLA lose to Cincy. Can’t stand the Bruins or the POS 12. More importantly it hurts the other Oklahoma team’s strength of schedule. Hopefully the Bruins win that one.

Interesting. Of all the conferences out there worthy of hate, I don’t see the Pac 12 as one of them.

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Jalen McCleskey had one reception for 5 yards last night.

Not sure what the deal was with him last year, but I’m rooting for him.

Go Houston!

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I’m definitely interested to see what Holgerson can do in Houston. Hopefully a big upset to start things off.

I think Texas A&M is going to go 9-3 this year… beat one of the four top 10 teams on their schedule. I think they’re better and getting better and I think that’s terrifying. Nothing scarier than an aggie fan that actually has reason to be proud of their team…

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I’m really hoping Cincy can beat anOSU next week too.

I just know that I am rooting for whoever is against OU - every single game, without fail. I don’t care if it’s Houston or even Baylor. The more OU loses, the happier I’ll be.


I’m somewhat excited to see how this Tulsa team looks here in a few minutes.

Well their defense looks salty, looks like stopping their offense just requires spooking their center… Dude can’t snap to save his life.

Well Tulsa’s offense developed a pulse in the final seconds of the first half. Sucks they are down 25 - 7 going in for the half.

Tulsa’s DL looks stout. It’ll be fun to see if we can move them around better than Michigan state is doing.

I’m more interested in if we can out do Michigan State and hold them to -74 rushing.

If they snap it over the QBs head 3 or 4 times it’s very possible.

What Boise did to Florida State in the second half was obscene. FSU, not Boise, wilted in the heat and got physically dominated (not to mention the mental mistakes).

The comparison between this game and last year’s Boise-OSU game is night and day. If you ever find yourself discouraged by our coaching staff, you can at least take comfort in the fact that there are teams with far worse. I don’t care one way or the other about FSU, but my goodness, that was thoroughly embarrassing. Sorry @CarsonCunningham, but I don’t think Taggart is the guy.

With a true freshman QB.

What about ISU? Anybody think they may be over rated?

@kyleporterCBS does.

So who took the over in the Tennessee game

My brother is a Tennessee alum and he’s drunk as a lord and throwing crap at the TV. I do not, however, blame him in the least. That performance was embarrassing.