NSD1 Thread (Free)

Our PFB+ NSD thread will be popping over here – Official NSD1 Thread – but I wanted to create one for everyone else, too. Our staff won’t be as active on this one, but we’ll pop in from time to time to see what’s going on.

Nobody gonna hop in here?!

Chances we get Jacobs AND Cobb?

What am I chopped liver lol

Better since Cobb just signed.


Chances of landing Ngata ? Any chance Chuba Hubbard draft decision affects the Ngata decision ?

Here’s an update on the Big 12 rankings.

I like the way our 3 stars guys end up being better (normally), but hoping for a few surprises and we lock down a couple 4 star recruits and possibly a 5 star.

How about Texas out-recruiting OU so far?

Wrong thread. This is football signing day, not basketball.

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I know. That’s what I was referring to.

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Did not know that Illingsworth was enrolling early. I can’t wait to hear about him and Spencer going back and forth in the spring.

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Who do we HAVE to have? Ngata?

Me either.

if you’d like to throw up in your mouth, take a look at this:

think Clemson will be ‘ok’ for the next several seasons?