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Jordan? Lebanon? Syria? Israel?

You missed the point.

Edit: History lesson for Carl: Six-Day War - Wikipedia

With liberals it will always go back to eliminating Israel which is why their motto is from the river to the sea. Antisemitism at its core.

I wish America cared as much about what’s going on in America as they did what’s going on everywhere else.


I care more about the longevity of Israel than America. There’s no virtue signaling going on with my posts.

Any reason why? Not condemning any opinions, I just genuinely enjoy listening to perspectives.

Need a Jewish homeland and very, very cool with that space being the home to others as well. Hamas led government won’t cut it for me however. There’s millions of Arabs in Israel and zero Jews in the Gaza Strip for a reason and that’s not the doing of Israel.

Eden Golan crushing the antisemitic haters at Eurovision.

Again, that’s American political bullcrap. It’s low brow stuff whereas we’ve got a major issue on our hands with antisemitism right now.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all our Poke raising Mommas! You are the real Cowgirls! :cowboy_hat_face: :clap:


Happy Mother’s Day to the forum mommas!


Worth a watch.

Interesting watch.
Thought the part comparing Judaism to religion was interesting.
It’s frustrating to continue to see evidence of people not being able to have a conversation. Insert any charged topic between any 2 groups and it looks the same.

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GameStop up 32% in early trading

That guy has printed more money than most country’s on that play. It’s awesome.

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Are you buying GME today?

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What’s funny about that is there’s a large majority of people who actually don’t know what a Jew really is. A lot of people think it’s just a religion.

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