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If the owners have to disclose what the protesters are protesting the WTF are the protesters doing?

owners probably disclose to create separation between themselves and employees

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Maybe the owners wish to publicly support their own employees


I’m not sure how much news you’ve watched recently, but there is a plethora of various subjects that have been protested lately.

If I like their food, I’m going. If I like their movie, I’m watching.


I fully support these protest. That House bill is racist garbage.

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Found in Rafah



Glad you could still read it, clown. What did you think about the three hostage bodies found in Rafah yesterday? What about the 50 tunnels to Egypt?

Nah it’s racist.

Found in Rafah. To the shock of virtue signaling clowns like @Carlfromwork I’m sure.

Jesus man, let it go. Just stop it already.


Let what go, the issue overall?

No no, he needs to falsely accuse everybody of everything, let him do it. And watch Marshall do nothing about it.


Yep, spent that last 3 weeks calling everyone that doesn’t lap up his crap a racist or genocidal maniac. Knows absolutely nothing about anyone of us, but boy if you don’t jump up and down and praise his opinion then you’re the racist.


I have a constitutional amendment question, are you the resident scholar on such issues?

You post antisemitic crap and it stays. I’ll just stay in your face about it. Along with @Carlfromwork

I saw what was posted on here when Israel became a lightning rod.

And if somebody doesn’t think that house bill is racist and targeting Mexicans then I don’t know what to tell you.

Tough part for me is unlike you dimwits on on the left or right I think for myself so I’m not necessarily popular by either of you. I also am really direct on it too.