Official Cade Cunningham thread

I know there is another thread on this, and it has a ton of great info. Not just on this specific recruit, but the process and class in general.

But for me it comes down to one question, do you believe in Mike Boynton? We know who we are, and the blue bloods we are competing against.

Right now, do you think Mike will close the deal? Yes or No?

Let me put it like this: I don’t know if he closes it or not. I certainly hope so and I think this weekend will be extremely important. But if he doesn’t, it will not be from a lack of effort. He has put as much energy as humanly possible into the relationship and it may well pay off. So, I believe in Boynton. If we have CC in orange and black next year, it’s a game-changer. But if not, I’m not putting any blame on him for it.



Glad you posted this @tom1. Been meaning to create a separate Cade Cunningham thread, because I think he’s big enough to warrant his own.

As for your question … I hope so. I think Boynton has to feel good about his chances knowing that he’s got his older brother as the ultimate leverage play. It’d be quite the coup if he gets him to commit and turns him into a super-recruiter.

Whose turn was it to deliver the “bags” to his hotel room?

Oh man. I really hope Boone Pickens just happens to be in town for some Hideaway tonight. Would hate to see him lose a couple thousand out of his back pocket at Cade walks by him …

BY THE WAY – He is here. The Prince that was promised.

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I think we’d need more than a couple of thousand. Maybe for a down payment.

I think coach has a good shot to close this weekend

Don’t even joke…

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All good Kyle, makes sense to make the alteration and get a bit more conversation.

But… if you are going to hijack a thread, you could at least give me a yes or no prognostication:)

Hahaha my bad. My answer is yes I believe in Mikey B., and for now, I’m still in the camp that believes he’ll close Cade.

Tremendous- thanks!

Any more news?

I think Boynton’s done a good/very good job on the recruiting trail. Works his tail off, is all about it. But, if he hadn’t hired his brother, I don’t think he’d stand a chance with CC. Him and Bryce will go to bluebloods. That doesn’t mean we wont have a good class. Just not a top five class.
I’d love to miss the boat on this one. But until it happens, it’s a long shot.

I disagree. We were in and at the top of the CC list according to sources FAR before we hired his brother. It’s one thing to be unsure, which we are. It’s another to assume we’re going to miss out. We can have that pessimism with football, but Boynton has earned the benefit out of the doubt so far.

Still on the visit. He dunked on campus last night, which is really the only update we know. He can’t talk to media during visits, so good chance next time we get an update it’ll be from someone spotting him on the sidelines tonight.

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Based on what? CC and BT are entirely different level of recruit than anything else Boynton’s landed to date. As I said until it happens the first time, I’m skeptical. IF it happens, then I’ll say yeah, anything is possible.

So what did boyton and co do Saturday night for our guest?

Re: Boynton

The harder you work, the luckier you get.

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