Oklahoma AD Says Bedlam Will Happen in 'A Variety of Sports,' Explains Difficulties in Football Scheduling

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The future of Bedlam took another turn Wednesday.

I’m just fine with never playing them again in anything. Good riddance!


Same. The faster they are gone, the better.

Everyone in the media just needs to stop talking about bedlam. OU doesn’t care about bedlam but they love gaslighting us about it. We all just need to move on.


There is no “pinning” to be done. We were scheduled. OU decided to leave and blow-up the scheduled contests. It’s on OU. Which is fine. Just go.


I don’t really care if Bedlam resumes, but it probably will in non-football sports in the near future.

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I said this a loooooong time ago. It WILL resume. Makes far too much sense for both Universities. The people in charge are far wiser than the “fans” who think with their butthurt as opposed to their common sense. I completely understand why the fan would rather see OU hit the road.


“OU doesnt care about Bedlam”. Yes OU does care. It will be the biggest home gate at the non-football sports every year. It also just became the biggest non-con draw BY FAR. OU wants Bedlam. OSU does too. Makes too much sense

What happens if donors and the BOR don’t want Bedlam either? You just assume that it’s only the so-called “Butt hurt fans” that don’t want it. And you might be right about that. Also, why couldn’t Joe have just said “no comment” when asked about it? I wish this story would die right along with the Bedlam series. I personally am not butthurt that OU left. I’m thrilled. Just wish they could’ve left earlier.

@travis5266 If the donors and BOR’s dont want it…then it goes away. But those guys arent dumb. Let me clarify here. There may be a large portion of OSU people (fans/brass) that would like to see OU go away in every sport. Theyd never want to play them again. But the people running things at both universities are in charge of doing whats best for the university…and keeping Bedlam in the non-football sports is whats best for their universities.

Joe C couldve said “no comment”. But what does that matter? Josh couldve siad “no comment” when asked about it. Mike Gundy couldve said “no comment”. Im not sure what youre getting at?

I wish they all would say no comment. OSU coaches included.

Im the complete opposite. I love the coaches that are willing to speak their mind. Now, they ALL LIE. Every single one of em lies to the media at times. They all give some coach speak at times. Some obviously less than others (Mike Gundy). I dont like Mike, but absolutely love how candid he can be at times.

If you have to put a timeline on Bedlam’s return, what would it be?
For me, I think non-football sports: 5-7 years, football: 10-12 years

Non-football sports……IMMEDIATELY. Year 1. Makes far too much sense. Those non-con games are made about 12-18 months in advance. I guarantee you the Dir of Op’s for those specific sports are working right now to get the 24’ mid-week/Non Con opponents lined up.

Football…….a decade or so.

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I’m tired of watching Gundy get ran into the ground by them nearly every season. I could care less if we ever play them again in nonconference football or other sports. It’s a win for both Gundy and fans.

Actions speak louder than words, OU, at least the leadership, give zero F’s about bedlam. They do enjoy trying to make it look like OSU is the one that is abandoning the series though.

“Actions speak louder than words”

@bruce4 How do you deduce that OU leadership doesn’t care about Bedlam? Surely you aren’t shallow enough to think leaving for the SEC means they don’t care about Bedlam? You clearly haven’t paid attention to what’s been said and hinted at by the powers that be. BEDLAM WILL BE PLAYED AGAIN VERY, VERY SOON.

Nearly every time Gundy opens his mouth the past three years, what you call “candid” I would call “embarrassing”. The reason it doesn’t bother you is because it doesn’t affect OU in the slightest. If the roles were reversed historically in the football series, you’d want Bedlam done.

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I don’t disagree with any of that. I get people in Orange wanting the football series gone. As for Gundy, I loved him and his demeanor in the early years. This version the last 5 or so years……I can’t stand.

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What caused the shift in personality I wonder? The arrogance that comes with the contract? New AD? Cause I agree Gundy was likeable and relatable for several years, but something has just been different. I think he’s stayed on so long he’s gone from hero to villain.