Oklahoma Legislators Rip OU for Leaving OSU Behind in SEC Move

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OU is facing blowback from state legislators in Oklahoma.

I need to see the names of the legislators that signed the letter – so I’ll know who I’m supporting the next time 'round!



I think our legislators should worry about more pressing matters than what future conference OU is going to be in.


You hit the nail on the head……this is sadly an example of what our politicians on both sides of the aisle are consumed with nowadays……posturing. The state university is the one in Norman. The most influential, whether OSU likes it or not, is in Norman. The one that’s most visible and brings in the most revenue……is in Norman. The majority of politicians in this state will side with what OU has chosen to do. If not publicly, behind closed doors. The ones that have been vocal in their disgust with OU will not stop this move or even delay it. It’s a flex of a muscle to garner some PR for 15 minutes.

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It’s all just theater folks!


The one that’s a billion dollars in debt … is in Norman.


I fear you’ve lost perspective here, friend. OU and OSU are not competing football teams. They are two state-funded schools that are funded by the same taxpayers. OU unilaterally made a decision that impacts both schools for potentially millions of dollars. That’s not how state-funded entities should operate.


Is this Joe C?

Jake4-you are exactly right.


There are relationships that are very meaningful to me. Our peers matter a great deal to not only me but to our institution. Even though our path has changed, those relationships are important.

I can’t see any actions that support your statement. Words…………

Yes, they are state funded entities. That does not mean they should make decisions based on what’s better for the other school. OSU, at the end of the day, has to and should primarily do what’s best for OSU. Same for OU. You absolutely need to be cognizant of your associate(OSU) as much as you can. But this situation did not allow that. Honest question here. Do you think OU should’ve declined the invitation/opportunity to go to the SEC?

U points are always moot.
Ou has taken the invitation.
The state only provides 20% of the budget and none to the athletic budget.
If the state thinks any entity they give money to is going to or is a determinant to other state institutions, then yes they can hold back funds.
If osu does not find a new home as a power 5 they will loose close to 20 million in tv revenue alone. That is a factual number. What we do not know is how other revenues will be effected. Tee-shirt sale bowl games money.
Relevance will effect recruiting even enrollment.
I doubt the state will do anything because of how many ou grads are in the state. But they can and should.
I’m not going to explain how the lose of 20 million plus will effect osu athletics, osu school and the state of oklahoma. U have shown ur business education from ou has a limit of functionality.


Ketch with all due respect I wish you would just stop. You’ve been here since almost the beginning of this debacle and assuming reading all the comments and yet you are failing to understand why people here are angry. All you are doing is stirring the pot which is not cool.

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I’m not attempting to stir anything. I’m just speaking truth here. Obviously don’t have to take my word for it. COULD OU have been more transparent? Absolutely. SHOULD they have been? No. No way. Is this a move that will GREATLY benefit the university of Oklahoma? Absolutely. Did OU broach the subject of bringing OSU along as well? I believe they tried. I believe the SEC said no. At that point, OU had no logical choice. For someone to feel like they should’ve declined……that’s just flat ignorant

So……money, bowl game revenue, ticket revenue, TV dollars, overall budget………is what matters to you? I agree. Those are all very, very important to OSU. You know who else those are important? OU. Which is why they made this move.

And I get why they should be angry. Understand and respect that. What I don’t get is people like Doug Gottlieb saying that OU should not have done it. That’s the ignorant part

We know why oklahoma did it. Besides the 25 million in tv revenue ou would make much more money. Unless u think since there are more sec school they will buy more ou tee-shirt to :fire:.
This is the thing we already knew this captain obvious.
U repeating wouldn’t take away why the shouldn’t have gone in with Texas. Or been lil chicken shot.
The ou ad acted like it was the a&m fault for breaking the news early. That was the only good thing. We found out faster.
The state should take have of all new revenue ou gets out of the state money. The would be fair to the state. And ou should be happy to agree with that. U guys are nice and fair. Rite.

They went in from the get go with Texas.
If ou had want to mention us they would have told us.
Dnt try and sugar coat that u guys are goons and have always been. U guys are the goons that beat up r football manager. Let me ask u did the ou president get anybody on that. As many cameras and ou yellow shirts were there its should have been easy.

What I think will be funny is ou becomes the 4th best team in the west. We know that lsu and a&m will be better what if shark makes Texas good. This is not a pipe dream. It’s a real thing that could easily happen.
We’re not talking about nebaska that lost its recruiting swag. If Florida gets its act together that would mean ou would be the 8th best team in the league.
They would have had a hard time being the 4th team last year.