Oklahoma State 2021 Spring Football Preview: Wide Receivers

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The Cowboys have plenty of options at receiver, but few are proven.

It’ll all be good. Just if they get a qb to throw to them.

This list further validates the question- How in the world are we preseason top 10? We still have an unproven QB, an Oline who just lost their best linemen after a sub-par season, our two best offensive players left, the captain of the defense left, as well as arguably our best defender, and we went 8-3 with that team. There isn’t really a name on this WR list that’s ever done much of anything besides a glimpse of Brayden Johnson. Super excited about the development of Presley, but I’m real confused at how national polls are so high on OSU right now.

Which report did u see were top 10? The last I saw we were 5th in the league.

I wanna see Matt Polk. Big bodied guy I think he could be a lot like Marcell Ateman.

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If your saying our two best offensive players that we are losing is tevin and tylan I definitely agree, but if your talking about Chuba we’ll be just fine without him

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Definitely meant Tevin and Tylan. Chuba proved to be replaceable with little to no impact on the running game.


Yea I saw that later, espn? They have us going 8 and 4.
They have us 7th since 2010 in road win %

Does anybody know who the new commit is.

Yeah, it’s the preseason ESPN Football Power Index for next season

But they have us losing 4 even tho we are higher then all but 2. So at 8 and 4 were not going to finish in the top 10 ranking. Which I can see depend on Sanders

Honestly 8-4 wouldn’t be the worst thing with our schedule and my assumptions of how good we’ll be. We have to play in Ames, Austin, Morgantown and Lubbock, as well as on the blue turf in Boise which typically no one comes out of alive, and Of course the yearly bedlam debacle. Winning two of those 6 and not losing any others the rest of the way seems about par for how we’ve been doing. Going 9-3 or better would be a surprise.


I feel the same.
Texas has got to replace 3 guys impact guys. So if stark doesn’t were fine.
Awesome will be almost a rematch but in ames
Wv has to develop more offense and lost impact d guy but in Morgantown.
Tech is with new qb. Not sure if wells can keep up the firer power and still no d.
Dnt throw out ksu and tcu both run a dual qb that can give us fits.
If we don’t grow at all it won’t look good.
Sanders able to at least keep the mistakes low will help alot. But if he can read and progress to the 3rd read, it’ll be good.
One thing about the teams of last couple of years is the are getting deeper. Its not the whole defense or offense we can blame but a player. Hope that will change
I did hear a reciever made a great catch in triple covers. Which is great. But who ever throw in triple coverage should be shot lmao.

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Thats alot of players. And with more coming in next year. I was wonder how many on scholarship.

I kinda don’t want a star WR. That sounds weird but the last few years they relied WAY too much on Wallace’s abilities and would call plays that hung Sanders out to dry over and over and over again. Having a terrible pass blocking line made things even worse. Spreading the ball evenly across the field will both help Sanders and the Oline as they won’t have to hold blocks as long.

I know what u many. There is always a top tho. Sander has kept with the main receiver to much.
If he learns to read better, it will fix alot.
If I’m rite we have had only one year with 2 1000 yard rec.

The only receiver on this list I’ve seen be consistently productive while he’s been in the game so far is Brennan Presley. Brayden Johnson seems okay but that’s just what he’s been the last two or three seasons. He’s just been okay.

Tay Martin did a few good thing last season, but wasn’t in the game consistently enough to get a chance to do more. Langston Anderson ( A 4 star recruit) has seemed to be either on another planet or being hidden away from Gundy because Gundy doesn’t want anyone to know how good he might be.

You got me bud!!! I don’t know how any sports writer or college football analyst would put OSU football that high when Gundy has not been able to meet or exceed preseason expectations 7 of the last 9 seasons.

Now this is more like the joe we know