Oklahoma State Basketball

Fvck Oklahoma State Basketball. You guys are the worst

Very low-energy trolling.


Do what?


Ooh! Let’s predict where this ballsack is from! Is it another run-of-the-mill cousin-lovin’ Gooner? Someone from Kansas? Baylor? Kentucky who is still mad over Cade? Or is it maybe a salty little diaper-boy from Seton Hall or Georgetown who is missing out on MAM?

With the inability to spell “will” correctly in the username, it has to be Kentucky or Gooner. Dead giveaway.


Seton Hall and Georgetown would curb stop your joke of a program let’s be honest

The Chamber needs more of this guy on Friday afternoons. I’m loving this.


My lord Kyle you tool bag.

KD? Is that you?


:joy: Oh man. You gotta stop consuming so much salt, honey. You don’t want to be all dried out when it comes time to give your cousin her weekly lovin’. I get that it’s hard to get all excited without a good, old-fashioned hate-on, but just because you drank paint thinner as a kid is no reason to be rude now.

I’m not convinced that this isn’t the @TheHeadChimp troll account. He attempted to throw us off the scent at the jump.


Honest question when’s the last time your school (for people with a 2.0 gpa) won something ?

I drink paint all the time, but you go/ went to oksu so your life probably has minimal potential

Ah, a Gooner. Thank you for the clarification good sir.

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A legitimate self-own! It’s actually adorable. Yeah, I was on the side of legitimate bitchbaby at first, but now I’m calling it: one of our regulars saw an uneventful afternoon and decided to kick start a party. I dig it. Well done.

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No clue what a gooner is. At least I don’t poke my cousin and live in Alabama

Just saw a link to this on Twitter. No clue how to use this website. Happy my message got thru to you guys.

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Bud, I can promise you I only have this account. I’m willing to let the PF dudes perform an IP address tracker to confirm.


Sad day

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It knows how to use Twitter now! It’s growing up so fast. sniff Soon, it may even be more intelligent than a baby dog that got caught in the birthing canal and then kicked in the head by a horse. I’m feeling a little nostalgic. Remember when our little idiot darling admitted to drinking paint? Good times.