Oklahoma State Basketball

Ah, so have sex with your mother and live in Mississippi, instead. That’s too bad.

Sorry I like drinking paint? I guess? Your the one talking about a puppy getting kicked in the head by a horse. Pretty messed up man. Go play with some dust.

You’re really bad at this.


Mississippi is almost as bad as Oklahoma. Almost.

Hey, @kyleporterCBS. You need to drop a link to this thread the next time you’re making a push for people to join PFB+. People will pay you real money to not have to hang out with this guy.

FBI scandal and a 18 point loss to West Virginia. Brutal

People actually pay to use this piece of shiit?

Have y’all ever had an emotional fortitude so low that you feel the need to anonymously troll another school?

I freaking died at this.

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Spending your time on a Friday afternoon to make an anonymous account on an opposing team’s blog to talk “smack?” Brutal.


:joy: :joy: It doubled-down! This is amazing. Best troll 10/10. If you’re one of our regulars spicing things up, mission accomplished! If you’re a legitimate barely-a-person…I mean, you copped to drinking paint. Twice. No matter what you say for the rest of this thread, you drink paint. What’s your favorite color? Blue? Yellow? Pink? It’s pink, isn’t it?


I was going to say that surely it can’t be a regular here. This cat drinks paint. But, I’ve seen some of the Gundy recruiting fights and it can’t be ruled out unfortunately.

I’m assuming when you said “fate” you meant fat


People drink paint get over yourself. Go hit the gym man (assuming your fat)

Yeah I did


Happy to help

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Are you going to withdraw YOUR post once again because of YOUR incorrect grammar? That OU degree has treated you very, very well.

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You really think I would be talking smack about how stupid your school is if I went to OU? Hahahaha

Why are you posting pictures of test scores that you were unable to attain?

I bet you’re really pretty, though! :wink: