Oklahoma State Faces Huge Drop in AP Poll after Being Shut Out by Kansas State

Originally published at: Oklahoma State Faces Huge Drop in AP Poll after Being Shut Out by Kansas State | Pistols Firing

The Cowboys dropped nine spots in the AP Top 25.

Honestly, after that debacle, we shouldn’t be ranked.


Agreed. I’m actually shocked we only dropped to 18.

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Well deserved

Wounded if that 4 star running back that decommended from Michigan state is thinking well might not want to go to that dumpster fire.

Gundy is really good at one thing and that is 2 or 3 losses a year. Fact. Never going to change because he never changes.

@jeff38 Most college teams have a few losses in most seasons so that isn’t unique to Gundy. I will say that the loss to KSU was so egregious there has to be one or two easily identifiable reasons why. Like 75% of the players are playing hurt or everyone has lost their legs from the gauntlet of the last few weeks. One thing I do think and that’s that the game performance had very little to do with Gundy’s claim that changes in practice were key in not being prepared. There is something bigger going on but Gundy isn’t saying.

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It’s called a back up Qb. For what ever reason gundy gets spanked when playing one. I would love to look at every time gundy played a back up QB how many times he came away with a win or how many times he has lose to one. Everybody continues to make excuses for gundy but truth of the matter is he’s not a good enough coach to win championships. He never will be that coach. He looked like a complete fool siting up on stage laughing how good he is at predicting if players are going to play based on the injury and we’ll he couldn’t have been more wrong and in return got absolutely smoked by a back up like every other time. Rinse and repeat. Maybe next year right?

Again you make it out to be only gundy could ever loss to a back up.
Jeff you force me to answer. If you notice people who say reasonable things i just like there post. I have liked alot.
Just last year we had alot of backup win. Real back ups.
Ksu could stop shapen. Your beloved dave got took by morris.
What was shane’s record for us.
You show ignorance every time you open this site.

You just show you ignorance everytime you stick up for gundy. Just tell everybody on this site that you emphatically do not like to win or want to win championships and you have no intentions ever to see gundy win championships. You just want one more win in the column than a lose just like gundy. I find it funny that every year I’m right about gundy and you sit here and tell me how crazy I sound. Dude the truth is that you have a looser mentality and you always have as long as I been on this site. Gundy can’t do no wrong because why? He QB’d here? He’s a cowboy? He drives a tractor? He has nice hair or did? You have pictures of him on your ceiling?

Guess what? Woke up today and gundy still can’t win a championship. Just wait till he gets in this easier conference and year after year gets beat by the same o’l foes and never wins a championship. Rinse and repeat.

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Good coaches don’t get beat 48 to zip with a fifth year quarterback. Time for gundy to leave. Time for OSU to quit letting him hold us hostage. We know what he brings that’s two losses a year no championships.

Guess what i woke up today know your still an idiot.
You defined it by saw you do it over and over. Still expecting something different

@jeff38 Will Howard isn’t your typical backup QB. He has had significant playing time in his 3 years at KSU. So KSU wasn’t at much of a disadvantage by playing him. He could probably start at a significant number of college teams.



So I’m new to the forum but I’ve been reading comments for a while. I see a lot of talk about Gundy sucks, fire Gundy, need better recruits, etc. and wanted to give my two cents for whatever you think it’s worth.

Recruiting is easier said than done. Gundy does more with less than just about any coach in the country. We’re consistently out of the top 25 or 35 in recruiting every year but somehow we find our team consistently being ranked as a top 25 team in the country. Stillwater is a tough place to get kids to come to play football. It’s kind of a niche place. Hard to get the top talent around the county to come to a small town in the Midwest to play football when they are getting offers from the storied programs.

Would I love to win more championships? Hell yeah. But the fact remains it’s not as simple as we need to get better recruits or a new coach. Go try to convince the top OL recruit in Texas to come to Stillwater instead of Austin or College Station. Tough sell. Trying pulling the best ATH in Alabama or Georgia away from those guys. We finished the season last year ranked in the top 10 with a Fiesta bowl win and we still ranked out of the top 25 in recruiting. What else does Gundy need to do to get better recruits in Stillwater? We outperform a lot of schools that get better recruits year in and year out. It’s just hard to get kids to come to Stillwater.

I’m not sold on the fact a new coach would be the answer either. Maybe it is but we’ve had several coaches over the years before Gundy got here and they were not near as successful as he has been. Those guys were getting the same level of recruits as Gundy does. I was in school at OSU when Pat Jones was coaching and we had some terrible teams with same level of talent then that Gundy gets now.

Also, I think people on forums forget they are talking about someone’s kid when they start bashing a player. Yeah they are 18-23 yr olds but they are still someone’s child. How would you feel if adults were trashing your kid on an open forum because he had a bad game? This gets to me personally because I have a son on the team and I see their faces when they come out of the locker room after a loss. To say a kid sucks is just immature and rude.

Anyway, I’m done for now.

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Dude, you’re right, but the lunatics around here have zero perspective.


@Laces-Out-Marino Preach brother! You’re spot on with everything you have said here. Now don’t expect the trolls on this forum to acknowledge any of it. It’s counter productive to the trolling craft.

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I changed my mind, I agree with you and hope Gundy stays at least 15 to 20 more years. I can’t tell you how proud I will be of OSU when Gundy has been here 20, 25 or 30 years and has only won 1 conference title. It will be so good to watch Baylor, TCU, K State, BYU win multiple titles. Just as we have no idea if a new coach could win the conference, we e also have no idea if Gundy could win the conference. The difference is we know Gundy hasn’t been able to win the conference for while Baylor has won 3 K State has won 1 TCU has 1.

@ar1 Here is an idea, lets hire Jimbo Fisher as I’m pretty sure he is going to be available soon. He’s got all you want, multiple conference titles and a natty to boot! Never mind that he is s#@ting the bed at TAMU. Pretty sure he would do the same at OSU but wow all those CC’s and a natty would be totally worth it.

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