Oklahoma State Faces Huge Drop in AP Poll after Being Shut Out by Kansas State

Don’t try to talk reality to some of these buffoons on here lol it’ll only ruin your day

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How many conference titles has Gundy won while Jimbo has been at A&M? Don’t look like we would be missing anything.

So if I’m reading this correctly, your comparison is OSU to Baylor, KSU & TCU for conference championships. Of those three, I would say only KSU is in a similar situation when it comes to recruiting. Coach Snyder was at KSU for a long time, turned that program around won only 1 Big12 title I believe. A lot harder to get kids to come to Manhattan than Waco or Ft. Worth. From a population standpoint, OK and KS just don’t have the number of kids available as TX does which is a hotbed for football recruits in our area. A lot of kids will just stay closer to home especially if they are not getting the Georgia, Alabama, Ohio State or Clemson offers. Easier for the families to come watch them play. Better chance to compete for playing time, etc. If you’ve ever had a kid go through the recruiting process you’d understand.

So I’ll ask you this… If you were the head coach or the lead recruiter for OSU, how would you convince kids to come play at OSU over vs. say OU, Texas, A&M, Baylor or TCU? What would be your selling point?

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Ok, Stillwater isnt as hard to recruit to as you make it sound. Should Gundy/OSU be recruting in the top 10 every year? Of course not. Should they be finishing better than in the 30’s? Absolutely. Do recruiting rankings matter? Sort of. This isnt 1985 where recruits go under the radar. Recruiting rankings of players is as accurate as its ever been and its typically been a very good indication of what type of player a prospect will be. There are definitely misses, but not nearly as much as there once was. I think the most devout OSU fan would admit that the recruiting should be better. Oklahoma St is in a pretty good spot geographically to get recruits. Texas is within a drive. The JUCO’s of KS are close. The state of Oklahoma PER CAPITA actually produces a good number to get a 3/4 kids a year. Again, Gundy/Stillwater shouldnt be pulling in top 10 classes…but they could/should be better than what he finishes annually.

I do think its fair to criticize the coaches prior to Gundy for not having the success that hes had. Gundy is the best/winningest coach in the programs history. Hes done an excellent job. Now…hes also had far more advantages than any coach prior to him. Facilities. Salaries. Support overall has been exponentially better for Gundy than any/all of his predecessors.

" I think people on forums forget they are talking about someone’s kid when they start bashing a player. Yeah they are 18-23 yr olds but they are still someone’s child. How would you feel if adults were trashing your kid on an open forum because he had a bad game? This gets to me personally because I have a son on the team and I see their faces when they come out of the locker room after a loss. To say a kid sucks is just immature and rude" Here is where I disagree. Is it tough to be a parent of a D-1 athlete when they get public criticism? Absolutely. Im living it currently. I have 4 families/kids that im extremely close with who are living it right now too. One of which is the Kicker for Iowa St (Freshamn from Marlow). Great family. Great kid. The criticism IS TOUGH. But…thats part of growing up and being an adult. Everyone can handle the postitives. Everyone can handle the NIL money they get. Everyone can handle the rave reviews when they do something postitive. This is BIGTIME football. BIGTIME business. Hell, there is an article on here referencing the amount of money each program is getting. So you cant expect “fans” to simply sit on their hands and be postitive all the time. Yes, being a parent in that situation is tough. But…its part of what these young men signed up for. Im obviously aware of it crossing a line and in that case I agree that people can be idiots. The Gilbert family will be in attendance in Stilly on the 12th when Iowa St comes to town. Go have a conversation with the Dad. He absolutely gets it.

It wouldn’t be if you come here and wait till your 5ty years we’ll try to get you some playing time.

"If you were the head coach or the lead recruiter for OSU, how would you convince kids to come play at OSU over vs. say OU, Texas, A&M, Baylor or TCU? What would be your selling point"

You sale playing time. You sale proximity to your program. You sale being being able to play in front of your family in virtually every game. You sale the culture. You sale the facilities. You sale the stability of Mike Gundy. You sale THE EXACT SAME THING BAYLOR, TCU do. You cant match OU/TX/A&M (NIL) …but you dang sure can match/overmatch any other program in the area. Thats why using Stilly or OSU for recruiting issues is nothing more than an excuse

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I get what your saying about this is Bigtime football and results are expected and criticism should be expected as well. However, some or a lot of the criticism you see on this forum as well as other forums is juvenile. It’s not constructive and doesn’t create a conversation. It’s just people trying to see who can come up with a bigger or better insult to try an one up the other guy. Just dumb. This is where I was going when I said people forget this is someone’s kid.


I completely agree on this forum and similar ones. Im a paid guy on SoonerScoop…and uits absolutely ridiculous. But the players dont read these forums. If my kid did, id hope he was raised tougher than to care what someone named KetchupSicle or Laces-Out-Marino typed on a forum.

I agree with you on OU Tx & A&M with the NIL money you’re seeing now. I however disagree when you say we can match or overmatch Baylor and TCU. Bigger towns, bigger money, just more to do outside of football. It all plays a part.

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I know the kids don’t read the forums and if they do they probably don’t care what is said… I agree. It’s just disappointing to see the way people get sometimes on these forums.

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Of course it CAN play a part. Recruiting is not a broad brush. Each kid has his own set of reason reasons to be interested in a certain school. OSU isnt losing a kid to TCU or Baylor because of Stillwater. Thats an excuse. And if they DO lose a kid, its not nearly enough to effect the overall ranking of a recruiting class.

Maybe… maybe not… Hard to say. That is why I asked the question. It’s a tough one to answer.

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There are 2 on here that are flat idiots. Again, its the same on all boards I assume. My personal own worst thing to hear/see…FAN BOYS. Robert Allen @OSU. James Hale @OU. I cannot stand that stuff. Hell the 2 posters on here are idiots but they have zero “listeners”. Theyre harmless. But Hale and Allen actually carry some weight…and are fools

@Laces-Out-Marino Im a fan of the job that Gundy has done. One could argue he shouldve/couldve won more…I get it. But hes done a good job AT WORST. This whole notion of “little-ol-OSU” is not true. Go look at the salary Gundy is making. OSU is a BIGTIME PROGRAM. They are competing for Conf Titles. They have top-notch facilites. They pay Asst’s bigtime money. Thats why the idea of excusing the recruiting rankings is ridiculous to me.

How many other schools in the conference need to win multiple titles since 2011 before we need to make a change? I’ve said for years that at least 4 would win two or more before Gundy wins his second.

Lets say OSU canned Gundy after this season. I admit that a new coach COULD do a better job. COULD win 2 Conf titles. Are you willing to admit that it could also send the program into a tailspin?

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Of the schools Baylor,TCU and K State which schools have went into a tailspin? @KetchupSicle

First off, Im trying to have a discussion here. I didnt say OSU would go into a tailspin. Nor did I reference Baylor, TCU or KState. Answer my question and then I will gladly answer yours. I admit that OSU COULD hire a guy that did a better job than Gundy. Are you willing to admit they could also hire a guy that would send OSU in the wrong direction?

Sure, they could hire someone who could send them in the wrong direction. Hell this program could head in the wrong direction this Saturday. OU could be headed in the wrong direction but if they are, they will fix it. How many years should a program like OSU go between conference titles? Obviously everyone thinks more than 12 is fine.

Did I answer your question?

Yes you answered it.

I understand the people that want Gundy released. I’ve said that, from the outside looking in, Gundy/OSU is a fascinating follow. I’d HATE how he openly allowed his name to be flirted with other jobs. I’d hate how he tends to make himself far more of the story than he should. I’d hate his conservative approach when it comes to Bedlam. But here’s where I’d always come back to if I was an OSU fan. Is Gundy the right guy for this football program? The answer is unequivocally YES. OSU isn’t a destination job…….UNLESS YOURE MIKE GUNDY. For a place like OSU to sustain success like they have you need a guy that’s gonna stick around. That’s Mike. You need a guy that cares about the program long term, even when he’s gone. That’s Mike. Oklahoma State football is now a top 20 job & it’s in part due to Mike Gundy. Hey he’s not perfect. I cannot stand him. I know I’m an OU fan, but I love Holliday & Boynton. I can’t stand Mike. Mike Gundy isn’t the best coach Oklahoma St could get to stay there for 2 years. But he’s BY FAR the best coach you could get to be at Oklahoma St for 20years. And you cannot compare how OU would handle a coaching position VS how OSU would. That’s apples to oranges. If OSU chose to can coaches quickly like an Auburn…….they’d be in big trouble