Oklahoma State Has Fifth-Best Odds of Winning Big 12 in 2021

I assume it’s Patterson’s history in his former conference. Not to mention, he’s been known for good defenses through most of his tenure as HC. Vegas/media figure he will break through at some point and win big.


I think Patterson is benefiting from the fact that Gundy has a losing record against every team in Texas over the last 3 years.

Again talking out ur back side. Gundy has the same effect as the other coach do for Gary odds.

Try as I might, I just can’t get hyped about the season. Even though this is my first time to ever buy my own season tickets. Each year that passes without a Big 12 championship and Bedlam win makes it tougher to want to care.


I guess u glad u never were alive in the big 8 times there never was hope.

Yet Gundy has lost more Bedlam’s than we lost in the 80’s.

That good fact. Since a decade is ten years. Let’s go the other way, he has more wins then we had in the 80’s. Also a better win %.
Go a head and tell travis how many times u thought osu was going to win a title back in the day.

It’s really odd u pick a decade that osu lost every bedlam game. I guess ur a loser too.

Don’t worry, Gundy will have his own 10 years of consecutive losses. Just give him time.

I’m not worried. Why do u always think I would be.
U never told travis how many times u thought we would win title back in the day.
I guess people saw Santa more then a osu title. U being interested in heifers probably didn’t get into football games back then

I don’t know in 87 we only lost to the number 1 and number 2 teams in the nation.

So now ur r sticking up for gundy and pat.
Sound like a non title run.
Should have won the ou game. We lost by 20 to Nebraska. Like I said there wasn’t a chance at a title.

We had plenty of experience playing the # 1 and 2 teams in the big 8

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Pretty sure I was alive in the Big 8 days. Sat through Pat Jones going 0-10-1. I was 9. Nice try though.

Then don’t care? Nobody really cares

9 at the beginning or the end. I wasn’t trying to " get something over on u". Still at 9 u knew what was going on more then we lost.

This makes a lot of sense , sell your season tickets and go to Norman hand . #gopokes

Go pokes

But I was trying to find out how much of a fan ar0 was back in the day. If he was a fan. I know he was a goat roper not alot of them cared about sports. He choose the 80’s I said the whole big 8 years. He actually picked the best decade we ever had in the big 8

Oklahoma 4/5 - Bad bet.
Iowa State 12/5 - Good bet.
Texas 10/1 - Great bet.
TCU 14/1 - Bad bet.
Oklahoma State 25/1 - Good bet.

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