Oklahoma State Makes Top 8 for Four-Star OT Zalance Heard

Originally published at: Oklahoma State Makes Top 8 for Four-Star OT Zalance Heard | Pistols Firing

OSU makes the cut for a sought-after lineman from SEC country.

This guy is a prime example of how the rankings are weird. He is a 92 with 247. His composite is over 96.
Not a lot of schools chasing him.

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I mean it’s about time we pay for one these guys on the o-line for osu sake.

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It’s encouraging to see that we might be realizing for the first time since 2013 that having a good offensive line really can make or break the efficiency and consistency of an offense.

You 2 yahoos act like this is the first guy we have been on his final list. I can name 3 4 stars just this year.


You act like we’ve been shelling out NFL talent on our offensive line since Wickline left :man_shrugging:. How’s that Josh Sills prediction working out for you?

Do you even read what you rite.

First off has sills been dropped.

This all started when you two act like this is the first lineman to put us on a list.

Haro all you want on the actual guys who are here. Go hold knowles balls.

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I like the fact we’re being put on a list. I just wish we could actually get one of these guys, or prevent them from transferring out once we get them. I would figure with all our winning and tremendous success with the greatest coach in school history we should get it done.:man_shrugging:

Joy there againyour crying about something that happens at other schools.

Itll be hard to pull big time lineman with nil.
Last the top player went to an fcs school.
Louisville got the top back this year.

Stop crying act like a man

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Louisville? The same Louisville that’s 18-19 over the last three seasons? I’m tired of reading your excuses Robert. You have more excuses than Joe Biden and the rest of Congress combined.

Yes that same Louisville.
No mention of a fcs team getting the top ranted player last year.

Joy your like your daddy Biden not living in reality.

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So the reality is we should expect schools like Louisville and an FCS school to outgun Gundy and his coaching staff on recruits? No wonder we can’t win a conference title.

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Start slapping down milllions.
It has nothing to do with gundy. But, thats your narrative, gundy gundy gundy.
Joy we had 12 wins last year.

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Yes it does. You don’t make a dude the highest paid coach in the conference when he’s got one conference title in 17 years. Imagine what we could do with the millions we would save on his overinflated salary for nil?

That statement just show us 2 things. 1 you dnot understand nil. 2 you really dnt know how much gundy is worth.
I know now why you like no title leach, he cost more money for lawyers then his contract.

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Because of NIL, the George Steinbrenner effect is the determining factor for where these recruits end up. Down the road we could even see some colleges giving up the sport of football because they can no longer compete with their lack of talent due to not having the cashola to buy talented players. The handwriting is on the wall.
Thank you, NCAA, for yet one more blunder.

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I like Leach because he doesn’t try to fight with the institution he works for to get a pay raise for not meeting expectations.

I know your an idiot now . Leach fights with with everybody.
Its documented leach fought with tech. They didnt like him and got rid of him

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So how’s that working out for them? And they didn’t fire him because they didn’t like him. They fired him because Adam James is a pu$$y.

No tech didnt like him. They thought they could bring in another coach to make them better. Does that sound familiar. You really are a wack job.

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