Oklahoma State Makes Top 8 for Four-Star OT Zalance Heard

Ok, there arent going to be programs dropping football because of NIL. If a program drops any sport, it will be due to financial reasons only. The Nat Champion in football really only comes from a pool of about 10-12 teams anyway, which leaves 100+ annually theoretically “out of the competition.” For the vast majority, the only sport that draws any revenue is football. There will have to be an extremely good reason to drop that revenue…and NIL effecting the competitive balance isnt it

Washington St. had trouble with Leach too , it wasn’t all Tech,…… Leach could act a complete idiot whenever possible. Remember him firing the DC immediately after losing to us when Pettigrew was here …Class act wasn’t he joy !!!

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He just gave them an 11-2 season and also a respectable 8-5 season the year after losing the back-to-back biletnikoff winner. Are you really that naive and stupid to think they just wanted to get rid of him because they didn’t like him? There you go making up chit again. He also had more wins against OU in half the time Gundy did.

Does it hurt hear the truth. The big guys didnt like leach.

Anyway you want fire gundy because you dnt like him.

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Show me what kind of evidence or credible source you have that says Leach was fired just because Tech didn’t like him. This should be good.

Poor joy reverting to proof. Denial is bad feeling is it. The biggest proof is leach was fired.

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That’s what I thought. Incapable of providing any evidence for the reason he was fired. At least try one day, and some of us might give you some credit. Just more heretical talk by you with absolutely no credible basis to stand on.

Like i said the proof they didnt want him was they fired him. There was a bunch of chit said at the time im not your google gurl you are. But, if you dnt remind this stuff your in denial. And its funny how you make It sound like leach was a world beater because he got 11 wins. But gundy is a cockup at 12 and 2.

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So 11-2 is cool in your books on Leach but not Gundy huh ? Double standards all around for you right joy ? Did leach win the conference? If so what year ? You are hanging from his balls aren’t you :cowboy_hat_face:

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What exactly was said that got him fired? Provide your evidence. If you can’t then stop making false stupid comments and accusations.

Why do you keep believing a guy is going to do something he’s proven over the last 10 years that he can’t do? That’s a pretty straight forward and simple question. I’m not the one being deceived here.

Leach has proven over 20 years he cant win but you still love him.

Lets use your logic. If tech loved leach and leach didnt do something wrong why was he fired. The problem with you is you always prove other oeople points but your to stupid to see it.

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Stop contradicting yourself. First it’s Leach was fired because they didn’t like him, and now it’s he was fired for doing something wrong. You just can’t get your chit straight can you? The problem is you’re too stupid to see the contradictory logic within your own stupid statements. Still waiting for your evidence.

I said that was your logic. Everyone knows what happened. Tech knew leach would never get them to a title game. He did a very weird wrong thing so the fired him. If tech like leach they would NOT have fired him.
Why do you do this we all know your an idiot. Some may think you will change. But try to turn your love for leach into a tech hero is a lost cause.

Seriously explain why they fired leach. Lots of coaches have done worse and didnt get fired.

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How do you know that? You have first hand knowledge of everything that goes on with Texas Tech football? Yep!! Didn’t think so. Stop being so naive.

Joy your an idiot. Look at hold on to leach.
Do people get fired when they are doing a great job and your boss loves you. That alone tells you everything.
Go google leach being fired. It wasnt some long dragged out thing. I know what i know you can google like the next 12 year old. I dnt understand why you think i need to prove stuff that you already have prove for me. Stop you dnt going to make this better.

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You wouldn’t have to be close to the program joy, James his self was the instigator on Leach being fired cause baby boy wasn’t playing much. Never mind the discipline under a hot shed :joy: Tech was just looking for the right spot. James hasn’t been heard from from since then or his failed congress try

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Joy has serious issues. He really loves him some no title leach.

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Holder didn’t like Gundy and he still kept his job. It’s weird to me how a guy that’s had a history of calling his players (and opposing ones) racial slurs can continue to keep his job.

Weird how Tech didn’t like him but two other D-1 schools wanted him🤷‍♂️.