Oklahoma State Makes Top Lists for Trio of 2023 Prospects

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It’s top list season.

So no offensive lineman? So go after immobile quarterbacks and make sure to be stacked at RB, but don’t put anyone in front of them to help open a gap? Got it!!!

Yea go figure. Would expect any different

Hey Joey there is a te

Yea a TE lol. It’s almost like he recruits everything that we don’t need. At least boynton tells us what we are all thinking he needs. Gundy likes to do the opposite of what everybody sees what we need
out of despite towards us and the media. Mad scientist or just bowl eligible kid of guy?

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You mean it took him 8 years to figure out that they’re good to have?

If you look on Twitter Osu has offered a bunch of OL guys

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I hope they get the LB,&RB,TE don’t really care,OSU hasn’t used a TE properly since Jarwin so not a big loss if they don’t get him

You can go on 247 and they list all the offers even for 24

Don’t give them facts or knowledge, they won’t be happy until Gundy is fired

  • The FACTS are that our OL has been on shaky ground every since Wickline left.

  • The FACTS are we have one offensive lineman drafted since Russell Okung under four different OL coaches in that time span.

  • The FACTS are the OL couldn’t block for an average running back even if they tried.

  • The FACTS are we should be focusing on mobile quarterbacks because our OL isn’t built to protect a pocket passer.

  • The FACTS are if we even have one offensive lineman go down our OL looks completely different and not in the better way.

  • The FACTS are Gundy’s is lying through his teeth when he says “He’s better than I thought he would be”.

Good grief!!! If you’re going to hold Boynton responsible and accountable to a certain standard then you gotta do the same with Gundy when it comes to Gundy with the offensive line. Doesn’t matter how many offensive lineman he gets if they can’t run block or protect the QB.

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The FACTS are we have lots of offers out for OL and two already committed. Grade A jackass you are

When boynton starts winning 76% or more of his games he’ll have met the standard, why don’t you hold boynton to the standard you hold Gundy to.

Boynton hasn’t been at OSU for 17 years either. I’ve already stated as well if Boynton’s team doesn’t do better next season then consider sending him on his way.

I’m glad with what Gundy did this season, but it should probably be expected more than once every ten years. Especially when Texas has sucked for the last 11 years. Nobody seems to mention or think about that. Imagine if Kansas was the only blue blood program Boynton had to really worry about when it comes to trying to win a conference title or getting enough wins to make the tournament?

Just like in good ole Gundy fashion though he figured out how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the CCG. Boynton’s success is predicated on winning games in one of the toughest conferences in the country. While Gundy’s success has mostly been comprised of beating average teams in a conference most would say is 3rd at best.

If Boynton played the 3rd toughest schedule in the country, and beats half of the ranked teams he plays or a little more in what most considered the toughest conference in college basketball, people label him a failure.

If Gundy wins 10 games with a cupcake non-conference schedule, and gets his A55 kicked at home by the likes of TCU and K State in a conference that’s middle of the road then everyone labels him a success.

Do you not see the irony or hypocrisy in any of that? Boynton pretty much has to win 67% of his games in one of the toughest conferences in America just to get to the post season while playing a tough non-conference schedule. While Gundy only has to win 50% of his games to get to the post season with a conference full of mostly average teams and a cupcake non-conference schedule.

Kansas is the only blue blood he has to worry about.

How many conferences were better than the big 12 in football this year? 3 teams finished in the top 10.

So Baylor isn’t any good (defending National Champions)? Tech isn’t any good (Recently played for a National Title)? There’s a reason the Big 12 has two of the top four seeds in the tournament and the Big East (who you think is the best) doesn’t.

The Big 10 and the SEC. Not a single team from the Big 12 in the CFP. Big 10 had three teams in the top 10 as well.

So that makes the big 12 one toughest in football too

You said blue blood jackass