Oklahoma State Makes Top Lists for Trio of 2023 Prospects

Show me where I ever said the big east was the best. I’ll wait

Oh C’mon yo!!! You know you have!!! Anything to downplay the Big 12 and not give Boynton any positive credit at all.

My point is Gundy’s had a lot of chances to prove himself with Texas sucking and also had an opportunity to put Baylor behind him. He hasn’t done that. As far as OU is concerned, is he ever going to beat them when they actually challenge for the CFP?

The only time he’s beaten them is when they’ve had three of their five worst seasons since He took over OSU in 2005. He got shutout 27-0 in 2009 when they were 6-5. He’s never beaten them when they’ve been involved in a BCS, NY6, CFP, or NC game. Even Miles was able to prove he could beat them when they were good.

  • Michigan made the CFP
  • Bama made the CFP
  • Georgia made the CFP
  • Cincy (A G5 team) made the CFP

Were there any Big 12 teams in the CFP? There could’ve been, but our coach decided the best course of action for getting 1 yard would be to hand the ball off to our 3rd string running back behind an OL that struggled to run block all game, and was down a starter. So next time you want to bring up the X’s and O’s on Boynton you should keep that in mind next time.

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So 4 teams get a chance to win a national championship in football and 68 get a chance in basketball… hmmm

Show me where I said it

Gundy did beat ou when it counted the winner had the upper had to go to the cfp. So do not say this years bedlam didn’t count.
Not only did it count for cfp but the title game.

Gundy had a chance to go to the CFP and found a way to blow it….hmmm

Did we go to the CFP or win the CCG? The best defense in Gundy’s tenure wasted by an offense because Gundy thought Jackson was the best option to score behind an OL that only pushed for 44 yards rushing through three quarters of football. It’s the ole Gundy motto “If it doesn’t work thirty times it might the next time.”

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So mediocre to piss poor basketball is acceptable, but a 12 win season and finishing in the top ten in football is a trash season lol your hilarious

Did I say mediocre to piss poor basketball was acceptable? I’m realistic about things. I understand that still having a fairly young team and playing an SOS ranked 3rd in the country (and the best in the Big 12 btw) will bring its difficulties.

If you don’t believe me go ask Gundy. He was lucky to win 50% of his games in 2014 (same as Boynton this season) and part of it was because he had a young team. His SOS was 16th that season according to footballoutsiders.com

I’ve always said if Boynton isn’t better next season then consider sending him on his way. At least Boynton recognized and spoke up about what his team needed. He didn’t just try to mask the problem or blow smoke up anyone’s a55 like Gundy has done with his OL.

I didn’t say this was a trash season by Gundy either. I just said he blew his chance for a conference title (again) and CFP appearance.

Did someone mention mediocre Mike?

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No boynton is on the other page. Go back a sleep jug

We all know who mediocre Mike is.

Yea we do just like we know who lives in reality.

Yea we know they’ll finish 3rd or 4th next season before finishing 8th or 9th the next.

Back to using if again

No IF in it dumb ace.

Since it hasn’t happen bucko it’s a if.

Here is Negative Nacy again. I wish you would juat go hate on OU,leave anything to do with Osu alone,you’re the 1st person to point out anything negative,could have a perfect season,& you would be the guy that says they should have lost to a team

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