Oklahoma State Offers 2021 Four-Star Guard Tyty Washington

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Could OSU finally make a move in 2021.

Like I keep saying. If you want to build a championship caliber program you have to go after championship caliber players.

Creighton agrees with you

Should we be recruiting like montana and grand canyon? :upside_down_face::wink::rofl::crazy_face::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

What kind of players

Players in the top 150.

Thought we only go for #1’s now?

Top 150 don’t win nattys you know that now, cmon

You don’t have to have the #1 player in the country to have a championship caliber team. If you can swing the #3 point guard and #4 center in the country and put a solid nucleus of players around them then you can succeed. Of course you also need good coaching as well.

He’s number 4 center. in the 2022 rankings* just to clarify

Texas Tech made it to the national title game a couple of years ago without having 5 players in the top 50.

Dnt we need to get those 2 players first they coming as walkons. Last I checked we have no scholarships

Still helps though.

Well I wonder why ? :thinking:

So do we need good players then

Why do you doubt Boynton and his recruiting skills?

I didn’t saying thing about boynton recruiting in that post

To answer your questions yes we do need good players.

Gonzaga got 2 top 50 centers i would like just one in the top 150

In football, we need a good coach.

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