Oklahoma State Offers 2021 Four-Star Guard Tyty Washington

I really didn’t think joe could do it. Hold off.
This is bb article

I love how hard up you get on Gundy , never fails lol

He was implying football anyway without saying it

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Because apparently we won some championship in basketball this year

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He just missed place championship for 5th place

He’s got 11 more years to not win the conference.

5th place

Oh I forgot we still have retards comparing our basketball and football programs lol good luck with that no tractor ranch you supposedly Have going

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Why do you think he’s going after the 4th best center? Obviously he knows we need one. He isn’t oblivious to the situation with his own team.

Good god he’s not the 4th best center

All I can say is Boynton’s gotten closer to a conference championship in the last 4 seasons than our football coach has done.

5th place

He didn’t even offer any of the center in the top 50

Lmao our football coach has WON A CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP

CLASS OF 22 jackass, it says it right next to his his name hand

Please keep talking

I said the PAST 4 SEASONS. You really wanna brag about our football coach that has one conference title in 16 seasons?

Class of 2022 I know. I can read. Still doesn’t negate the fact that he’s the 4th best center in the class of 2022.

Well they both were 9th place in 2018.
Bb been 6th and 5th
Fb has been 3rd both years.
Who has been closer