Oklahoma State Offers 2021 Four-Star Guard Tyty Washington

Basketball team has proven that they can beat anyone while the football team has proven they can’t.

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@ar1 now it’s your turn to say only something positive about both Mike Gundy and the current Oklahoma State Football team

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What has been shown is with the #1 recurit we can get 5th

The only thing standing between this team and playing for a conference championship is the lack of a good head coach .

And this team can beat the best team in the conference.

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The only thing holding this site back from being good is u

Well third time is the charm

If you don’t think this site is good, leave.

I was hoping u would

I guess it worked u left.

All I said was is that Boynton’s been CLOSER TO A CHAMPIONSHIP than Gundy has the last 4 seasons. I’m smart enough to look up the finally conference standings over the past four seasons. Why do you think I keep telling you to comment at me when Gundy plays in his conference title game?

On thing ur comparing the big 12 bb tournament to big 12 fb championship game. And u can’t.
Its really hard to compare the sports.
But if the big 12 bb had a game championship how close was boynton.
I mean seriously 8th place teams have won.
Do u really think that can happen in football.
I guess if they play it in 4 days. But still.
Come on joe.

How many excuses are you going to make for a coach that’s proved the last nine seasons over and over again he can’t do something?

Look dude ur going down that idiot road.
I’m not the only person who have said u can’t compare the two sports special the way u do.
The close he has been is 5th.
By ur reckoning boynton is the worse coach on campus.
Josh took a 8th place team and won the tourney has another and a reg champ. Finished 3rd in ws
Golf and wrestling cc all have natty’s.
Tennis gone to national every year has two elite 8.
Gundy has 15 bowls and finished 3rd

An idiot road? So the Big 12 championship game in basketball means nothing?

Did he win it. Josh took a 8th seed and won it.

Smith had the #1 recruit this year and won the big 12 tournament.

He’s going to reclassify is my point.

Did he commit. I’m confused. R we getting excited about giving offers.
We need a center like yesterday

I get more excited about Boynton going after the top athletes in high school basketball than I do when Gundy goes after the 100th best CB in football.