Oklahoma State Offers 2021 Four-Star Guard Tyty Washington

Did he get a bye so his team could rest before the championship game against Texas? The way I see it is that nationally speaking more people are talking about our basketball program than our football program. I wonder why that is?

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Gundy offers #1’s all the time.
Well I would think people would be talking about the bb team sinceits bb season and their in the dance.
U really r a idiot
So ur making excuses.
Back when cade said they came to win the champ game u got a chubby. I said come back when they do.
Talks cheap
I’m real proud of how boynton and team has done. And hope they do good in the dance
Its u I’m making fun of. And the chit that u say.
I will say once the season is over and the appeal we will see what he has for next year.

Thats is so funny I do like ur post they make me smile.
Why would people talk more about the bb team during bb season. U kill me

U do know by doing the math. The 100th at a position is like the 20th in basketball.
I’ll do some round # but even u can see my point.
Take 85 x100 =8500 thats fb players
300 x15= 4500bb players

When Cade Cunningham was asked about Oklahoma State’s goal:

“We didn’t come here just to beat Baylor. We came here to win a championship”

When Taylor Cornelius was asked about Oklahoma State’s goal:

“I hope that we go to a bowl game”

That’s the difference between a coach trying to establish championship culture and a coach that accepts mediocrity.

Most national pundits agreed OSU basketball got screwed in their tournament seeding and are a trendy pick for a possible Final Four run.

When OSU football is mentioned most national pundits say “They can’t beat OU” or “They won’t make their conference title game”.

Your right Robert. Talk is cheap. So until Gundy retires we probably shouldn’t even mention Big 12 Championship and Mike Gundy in the same sentence until he starts proving he can make it there more than once every 16 years.

I was wondering when u would blow up.
See the thing is cade was wrong and corndog was rite.
Well why dnt u retire until gundy does then we can enjoy everything.
I mean the last thing I need to hear is u making excuses for everyone else in the universe.

So Cade was wrong for wanting a championship and Taylor was right for not wanting one. Got it!! That tells me everything I need to know about how successful you want OSU athletics to be.

U don’t have any comprehension. Cade didn’t say they wanted to win he said they were there to win.

It’s the same thing. They are physically there and he also wants to win. What do you not comprehend?

I have no idea what u think ur saying and dnt reword it.
The didn’t win.

They didn’t win it, but they at least made it there. They also had to beat the best team in the conference to get there too.

Yes I’m happy with them.
But no one has walked on water.
Do u see an improvement next year


U do know the difference between improvement and getting more time to have more stats.
U mite look at the only returning starter. Since his minutes r about the same.

This team will still be good. They beat WV without Cade and Likekele.

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So ur saying we didn’t need to get the number 1 recruit.
We will see alot of guys have not gotten better.
And without a closer and making up 20 points per game

That’s why you go after high caliber recruits to bring in the following season. So you don’t try to miss a beat. You think Boynton just goes after only average players?


Problem is we don’t know how many scholarships we got.

I’m just being real u r hoping.
Like if players double there out is not improvement if they double their time.
Also in the last two years the returning starts have not improved their #'s.
Without cade would we have closed these close games out
This is real issues u can think about till next year.